Youth Fundraisers

The youth at Trinity sponsor various fundraisers throughout the year so that all high school students can participate in activities and trips regardless of the ability of their families to pay for the cost of these activities. The generosity of Trinity members has allowed many youth to attend fellowship events and LCMS youth gatherings that would otherwise be unaffordable.

All fundraisers are reviewed by the Stewardship Board to avoid having too many in any given month, and are approved by the church council. All funds raised go into one Youth Account (designated FYA in the monthly Checking Account Summary). Federal tax laws state that funds may not be held in separate accounts for each student, and funds given for a specific event may not be used for a different event, even if the designated event is cancelled. All funds raised must therefore be designated to benefit the youth in general rather that a specific student or event.

Trinity members can support the youth by participating in the fundraisers, through donations and purchases, and by giving money directly to the Youth Account.