Weekly News


Sunday, July 14
9:00 am Worship
10:00 am Fellowship
10:30 am Bible Class/Summer SS
5:30 pm VBS Setup
9:15 pm Softball @ Babcock

Monday, July 15
5:30 pm  Vacation Bible School
6:30 pm Bible Class

Tuesday, July 16
10:00 - 11:00 am Story Time
5:30 pm Vacation Bible School

Wednesday, July 17
12:15 - 12:45 pm Noontime Organ Recital, Skinner Chapel, Carleton College - 405 1st St. E
4 - 6:00 pm Trinity Library Hours
5:30 pm Vacation Bible School

Thursday, July 18
5:30 pm Vacation Bible School
6:00 pm Worship

Friday, July 19
9:00 am - Noon Pastor Boehme Office Hours

Sunday, July 21
9:00 am Worship
10:00 am Fellowship
10:30 am Bible Class/Summer SS
7:05 pm Softball @ Sechlar 2

Pastor Klein will be on vacation through July 28.  Please call the church office or Pastor Boehme if you have any pastoral needs.


Everyone is invited to Sechlar field 1 on Sunday, August 4th, to cheer on our church softball team and enjoy a hot dog picnic.  The game will start at 6:00 p.m. and we will begin serving grilled hot dogs, chips, cookies, and bottled water at 6:15 p.m.  Please bring your own lawn chairs or blankets, and be ready to cheer on our team!  If you have any picnic questions, please talk to a member of the Fellowship Committee: Bobbi Schmidtke; Linda Munson; Darlene Larson; Kay Koch; Rob Gottsch; Colleen Gottsch; & Barb Anderson.  See you at the ballpark!

Due to the street reconstruction work going on around the church building, Trinity will not host a National Night Out neighborhood party and vintage car show this August.  The NNO committee will put up door hangers in the neighborhood to let the neighbors know about the cancellation.  If you have any questions or if you can help put up the door hangers, please talk to one of these committee members: Pastor Boehme, Judy Boehme, Kurt Anderson, and Barb Anderson.  Many thanks for your past support of the NNO parties!

Cannon Valley Cinema is showing a new movie this weekend titled “Sound of Hope:  The Story of Possum Trot”.  This movie is based on a true story which follows a pastor and his wife in East Texas who lead people to adopt some of the most difficult-to-place kids into the foster system.  They show that faith, community, and perseverance can change the lives of children everywhere.  Even though it is a movie about kids, it is still not suitable for little kids.  Check their website for more information about show dates and times.

On August 11th, we will recognize the fiftieth anniversary of Rev. Boehme’s ordination as a pastor.  This celebration will include worship at 9:00 am at which Rev. Nabil Nour, fourth Vice-president of the Synod and one of Rev. Boehme’s former vicars, will preach.  After the service, we will have a dinner in his honor.  
We also invite you to participate in a card shower for Rev. Boehme.  There will be a box in the Fellowship hall in which you can put a card that will be given to him at the dinner.  Feel free to share with him any stories of how his ministry has impacted you.


July Baptism Anniversaries - will be celebrated during Fellowship time (10:00 am) on July 28.  Please join us!  
Here is who the church office has listed as baptized during June:
Armand Boehme        Dana Criswell        Elijah Wagner
Isaiah Wagner
The list of baptism anniversaries is also printed in the newsletter every month.



 People Serving at Trinity                  

 This Week - July 14, 2024
  Pastor - Rev. Dr. Armand Boehme
  Communion Assistant - Lisa Martinson
  Ushers - Group G (Craig & Kathy Schuster, Jeff Martinson,
                                      Jim Grieser)   
  Greeter - Craig & Kathy Schuster
  Worship Camera - Brent Casmey
  Vacuuming - July 14 to 20 - John Pfeiffer
  Lawn Mowing - July 14 to 20 - Dan Wett
  Church Softball - 9:15 pm at Babcock ( will be changed    
                                  to Sechlar 1 or 2 due to flooding)
Next Week - July 21, 2024
  Pastor - Rev. Dr. Armand Boehme
  Communion Assistant - Deb Thomforde
  Ushers - Group H (Dan Wett, Rudy, Myleen & Ashlie Maurer,
                                      Rob Gottsch, Jim Frederick)   
  Greeter -
  Worship Camera - Josh Wagner
  Vacuuming - July 21 to 27 - Jim & Kay Koch
  Lawn Mowing - July 21 to 27 - Russell Kraft
  Church Softball - 7:05 pm at Sechlar 2

July Counting Team - Larry & Joan Pralle
                                   Paul & Jean Childers
July Altar Guild - June Rado, Mary Vogt, Darlene Larson




 Scripture Readings

July 21 - The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
                                 Jeremiah 23:1-6
                               Ephesians 2:11-22
                                    Mark 6:30-44


Wednesday - July 3                        Sunday - July 7
        10                                                    67



   Trinity Office Hours - Monday through Thursday
                                          8:00 am - 2:00 pm
                                    Friday (Pastor Boehme)
                                       9:00 am - 12:00 pm