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Sunday, June 11
9:00 am Worship
10:00 am Fellowship
10:30 am Bible Class
7:10 pm Softball - Sechlar 1

Monday, June 12
6:30 pm Bible Class

Wednesday, June 14
1:30 pm LWML Bible Study/Business Meeting

Thursday, June 15
6:00 pm Worship

Friday, June 16
9:00 am - Noon Pastor Boehme’s Office Hours

Sunday, June 18
Father’s Day
9:00 am Worship
10:00 am Fellowship
10:30 am Bible Class
8:15 pm Softball - Sechlar 1

DCE Lisa will be at the Rochester Servant Event June 11 - 14

Pastor Klein will be gone
June 5 - 18 for his vacation.

Thanks to your generous giving we were able to send $400.00 to each of our five missions.
In the next few weeks the mission board will share a little about each of our missions for your information.  Kyle Lewis, the seminary student we have supported through Adopt-a-Student has graduated and been called as associate poster of St. Martin's Lutheran Church in Winona.  We pray for blessings for  Kyle, his wife ,Holly and their children as they start this new chapter in their lives serving the Lord.

This church is a congregation of the Minnesota South District of the LCMS.  Pastor Gatluk Reat serves the Sudanese people in Southern Minnesota with a Word and Sacrament ministry (preaching, teaching, catechizing, etc.).  Pastor Reat serves the Sudanese along with Pastor James Ruey of Mankato. Pastor Reat serves the Sudanese in Albert Lea, Faribault and in other parts of the state.  Pastor Ruey serves the Sudanese in Mankato and Worthington. Donations to Pastor Reat's ministry are used mostly for Pastor Reat expenses as he travels around Southern Minnesota and elsewhere to minister to Sudanese people.  A steering committee has been established to help Pastor Reat raise enough support so that he can devote his full time to this ministry.  Until that day he works a job in the secular world to support his family and ministry.  Pastor Reat describes his ministry as follows:
In John 4:35 Jesus says to His disciples, "Open your eyes and look at the fields.  They are ripe for harvest." Ripe here means ready.  Who is ready for the Good News? The Sudanese people in Southern Minnesota are ready for Good News! Who is ready for a little hope, a little help and a little grace?  Who is ready for a cool cup of the water of Truth?

Single flower vases wanted.  If you happen to have any single flower vases at home that you don’t want, please consider donating them to our team of youth and adults who are going to the Rochester Servant Event on June 12.  The youth and adults will pass them on to the event team who will use the vases to hand out flowers to people.  The event team is starting to outpace their supply so your help would be greatly appreciated.  The vases are needed by Sunday, June 11 BY 3 PM!

Northfield Noontime Organ Recitals opens its 16th season, which is beginning in July.  This year the recitals will again take place on Wednesdays from 12:15 to 12:45 pm.  The first one is on July 12.  There is a schedule posted on the hallway bulletin board.  Noah Klein is scheduled to play the recital on July 26.

Over a week ago, Pastor Boehme and Lisa attended a national conference pertaining to campus ministry with the desire to learn how we can better serve our area college students.  We have a number of ideas that we would like to implement including starting a local chapter of “LCMS U”.  This will help students in search of a church, help us network with other campus ministries, and help us collect names of LCMS students so we can better connect with them.  Prayers for this ministry are greatly appreciated.

8 of our youth and adults are leaving this afternoon to begin serving the people as part of the Rochester Servant Event.  They will be participating in projects like painting, cleaning, organizing, VBS, and interacting with people in the community.  Those attending the event are DCE Lisa Martinson, Jackie Ohmann, Bonnie Pape, Erin Nybakke, Grace Ohmann, Hannah, Abby, & Timothy Pape.

Congratulations to Timothy Pape, who was one of the winners of the Lutherans for Life Essay Contest held early this spring.  Timothy is a member of Trinity’s youth group and participates in many youth activities.

We are in need of someone to take on the church library responsibilities.  Person to purchase new books, reshelve books that are returned, the removal of damaged books and whatever else is needed.  Please talk to Becky DeMann if interested.  Thank you.

Darlene Finch has recently moved to a new residence and sent the following message to the church:  Please continue to pray for me as I adjust to a new lifestyle.  Thank you Trinity.  I now live in Benedictine Assisted Living, Room 218.  Come and visit anytime.  God Bless.

There is leftover sand and dirt material from the playground.  Anyone who would like any of this is welcome to come and get what you want.  No scheduling with DCE Lisa is necessary - just help yourself but you must load and haul
what you want.  This sand and dirt is available on a first - come, first - serve basis.

CAN YOU HELP WITH NNO on August 1, 2023? An informational Meeting for our annual National Night Out (NNO) party is scheduled for June 19 at 7:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.  Once again our congregation is sponsoring an NNO event—including free food, games for kids, and a car show!! It takes quite a few people working before the event and on that day to make this all work. If you are interested and can help (a few people already said they would), please contact the church office or just mention your interest to Pastor or Judy Boehme. Thank you so much. This is a popular event in the neighborhood and is a wonderful way to reach out in Christian love to our neighbors!

For Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18th, the Fellowship Committee will have treat bags available in the narthex.  All men (members and visitors) are encouraged to take a bag to enjoy as a Father’s Day gift or to honor their fathers.  The Fellowship Committee members are Barb Anderson, Linda Hutton, Kay Koch, Darlene Larson, Linda Munson, and Bobbi Schmidtke.

The Trinity group that studied Judaism in 2020 invites you to join them on Friday, June 30th, in the Fellowship Hall to watch “Fiddler on the Roof.” The movie will start at 7:00 p.m., and there will be snacks and beverages. “Fiddler on the Roof” is a musical set in pre-revolutionary Russia, in a small village. It follows the story of Tevye, a poor Jewish milkman who has to contend with marrying off 3 of his daughters with modern romantic ideals while growing anti-Semitic sentiment threatens the village. Because the movie is rated G, middle and high school youth are welcome and parents may bring younger children. For more  information, please talk to either Kurt or Barb Anderson.




 Thursday - June 1                Sunday - June 4
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Scripture Readings

June 18
The Third Sunday after Pentecost
Exodus 19:2-8
Romans 5:6-15
Matthew 9:35-10:20





People Serving at Trinity

This Week - June 11, 2023
   Pastor - Rev. Dr. Armand Boehme  
  Communion Assistant - John Greenfield
  Ushers - Group B
  Worship Camera - Brent Casmey
  Lawn Mowing - June 11 to 17 - Russell Kraft

   June Counting Team - Bobbi and Tony Schmidtke
                                 Barb and Kurt Anderson
   June Altar Guild - Becky Grieser, Marcia Huber,
                             Colleen Vivant

Next Week - June 18, 2023        
  Pastor - Rev. Dr. Armand Boehme  
  Communion Assistant -  John Pfeiffer
  Ushers - Group C
  Worship Camera - Becky DeMann
  Lawn Mowing - June 18 to 24 - Rob Gottsch








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Lisa Martinson, DCE - dce.lisa@trinitynorthfield.org
Dana Criswell, secretary - secretary@trinitynorthfield.org


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