Monthly Newsletter

January Monthly Newsletter

Come, Lord Jesus
He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.”.  (Revelation 22:20a)
Both of my parents were public school teachers.  One of the many statements they made to me about teaching was that the months of January, February, and March were the most challenging.  The late fall/early winter holidays were over.  Now they had to deal with the long winter months with no scheduled break.  
While there are winter activities that people in Minnesota enjoy, we also miss the warm days of late spring through early fall.  We can go outside without putting on layer after layer of clothing.  Also, the hours of sunlight last longer.  It can be challenging to deal with the days being more dark than light.  One of the thoughts that can help is that there will come a day when we can put away the winter clothing and enjoy warm weather outside.
This illustrates what it can be like for the Christian to wait for the second coming of Jesus.  “I am coming quickly,” He promised.  I think we can agree that Jesus’ definition of “quickly” is different from ours.  Nevertheless, Jesus will return.  When He does so, creation will be restored.  
Think how long it took for Jesus to come the first time.  It was thousands of years.  A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated that first arrival as a baby in Bethlehem.  Yes, it seems to us like it took forever, but Jesus came.  He came to pay the price for our sins.
One day He will come again.  Our spiritual winter will be gone.  The new creation “There shall be no night there: They need no lamp nor light of the sun, for the Lord God gives them light. And they shall reign forever and ever.”  
Winter is far from over, yet spring is definitely on the way.
Pastor Klein



A Day To Be Remembered!
What has been the most IMPORTANT event in your life---a day to be remembered and treasured???  Most of us don’t even remember this day; the day we became a member of God’s Kingdom, THE DAY OF OUR BAPTISM!!
In an effort to help Trinity members reflect and “remember,”  Trinity is honoring the baptismal birthdays of our members.  On the last Sunday of each month, members, young and old, who were baptized during that month can sit together, enjoy a treat and, perhaps, share stories during the fellowship hour.
We do have the dates of baptism for most of our members; but, if we missed yours, please let us know so we don’t miss it again. Any questions and/or dates, please contact the church office:  645-4438.
Arise and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.  Acts 2:16
Baptism doth also now save us.  I Peter 3:21

January Baptisms                
                               Paul Childers         Elizabeth Closser
                               Joanne Dohrman         Alexandra Harvey
                               Duane Hutton             Win Johnson
                              Amy Klein                    Donna Knudtson
                               Jackie Ohmann            Martin Ohmann
                               John Pfeiffer                   Solveig Velde
                               Colleen Vivant           Mary Vogt
                               Florence Volkert          June Volkert
                                                      Kathy Wett





November Home Fund Budget Status Report
Home Fund Balance on November 1, 2021                $9,775.24
November Home Fund Contributions                    $17,198.46
Designated Giving*        $15,750.00
Loose Plate Giving**        $951.46
Rental Property Fund        $497.00
November Home Fund Expenses                         ($18,543.68)
Home Fund Balance on November 30, 2021                $8,430.02
* Includes all giving by people who use offering envelopes and e-giving
**Includes all giving by people without offering envelopes
Trinity Fund Report
The voters established a Trinity Fund to replace the individual Memorial Accounts for money given to memorialize a person or occasion.  Money in the Trinity Fund is spent at the discretion of the Council unless it is designated for a specific purpose by the donor(s).  In November of 2021, the Council approved spending $1,215.00 for Advent paraments, and the Trinity Fund received $100.00 given in memory of Gerald Hasse.





December 2, 2021
The meeting was called to order at 8:10 pm.  Pastor Klein opened with prayer. 

In attendance were: Pastor Klein, Barb Anderson, Tony Schmidtke, Grant Hovland, Barb Greenfield and John Greenfield

In the minutes for November, in the mission report the word “vicar” was misspelled.  Minutes approved with that correction.

 In the financial statement, Barb A noted that the home fund surplus is down to $8400.  To this point, she has transferred $8700 from the rental property to the home fund.  We will need to keep a close eye on spending next year to ensure the home fund balance doesn’t dip into negative territory.  Giving has been on-track with what was expected, but our expenses have exceeded giving which was also expected.

Old Business
Barb A. will put a blurb in the weekly to let the congregation know what the change to the Elder’s budget and the Trustee’s budgets are.  The amended budget will be brought to the congregation in January.

Planning for the 90th anniversary celebration is proceeding.  The Thursday night worship will be a regular service.

Pastor presented an updated interest survey.  Another line was added for gardening.  There was some discussion about the best way to get as many participants as possible.  It will probably be distributed at a worship service allowing people to fill it out then.

New Business
David Greenfield contacted Bob Rayburn of Fenris Pipe Organ to tune the organ.  Mr. Rayburn thought he could have it tuned before the anniversary celebration.

John G contacted Mark Fischer to tune our pianos.  The piano in the balcony was scheduled for December 3.  The other pianos will probably be done before Christmas.

Pastor Klein recommended that we join a group called Alliance Defending Freedom.  For $250 per year, we can get help with legal problems related to religious freedoms.

Pastor - Pastor Klein noted that Pastor Boehme will preach January 9th.  He also would like to get the seniors’ luncheon going again.

DCE - Lisa’s report noted that the youth bake sale was moved to December 19th.  Kay Koch will serve treats this Sunday.

Fellowship – Barb A. said Linda DeMann will start doing Baptism Birthdays again at the end of December.  The Men’s breakfast will be December 12th.

Education – No Report

Trustees – The overhead fans are now all working.  However, it was mentioned that the rheostat on them is not working properly.  Tony will take a look and let Schultz Electric know if it needs replacing.  Jeff Cifra will again plow the parking lot this winter.  The sidewalk snow shoveling schedule is ready.  It seems that the programmable thermostats in the sanctuary are not set correctly.  They will be checked.  The furnaces were all checked.  Two may need replacing within the next year.

Missions – We will distribute money to our missions again at the end of December, amounts to be determined by what comes in from the Advent services and Christmas Eve.

Stewardship – Grant has put together the counting team schedule for 2022.

Elders – Sheila Roehrick and Barb Meyer have asked to join.  They were members several years ago and are coming back.

Meeting adjourned with Luther’s Evening Prayer at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Barbara Greenfield




Our missions for 2022 will be: CAC, Chai v’ Shalom and Adopt-a-Student as carry-overs from last year.  We are also adding two new missions for next year.  They are: Ministry to Kazakhs in Mongolia; and Sudanese ministry in Southern Minnesota.  Here is a brief description of these ministries.

Chai v’Shalom – (  Congregation Chai v’Shalom began in 1997 as a store-front office in Dogtown, St. Louis, MO.  Rev. Kevin Parviz, a Jewish believer in Y’shua (Jesus), envisioned a congregation of Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Jesus, worshipping together in much the same fashion as the Church in the 1st century, the worship style patterned after a “second-temple model” of worship.  Our ministry has a two-fold mission.  First, we are to be engaged in intentional outreach to the Jewish community in St. Louis, and through its partner ministries, in every city with a significant Jewish population.  And second, we are to help the Church learn to appreciate the Jewish roots of their faith, to the end that they would also be in ministry to God’s first people, from whom He sent His only Son, Messiah Y’shua, that the world might be reconciled to Him.

• Community Action Center – ( At the Community Action Center (CAC) of Northfield, we are “neighbors helping neighbors.” Our programs – from Creating Homes to Feeding the Hungry – meet the most basic needs of individuals and families who are seeking help.  As a nonprofit organization serving the life-sustaining needs of those in our area, many people rely on the CAC for support as they seek independence.
Our Mission - Our mission is to promote a healthy, caring and just community for all people through resources, advocacy and volunteer effort.
In the past, Trinity has helped with the food shelf, Operation Joy (Christmas Sharing) and Operation Backpack.

Adopt-A-Student – (
Adopt-A-Student is a program of the LCMS seminaries where a congregation can support a seminary student for a year. All of the money sent to the student goes directly to the student for his or her needs.  Two years ago, we were assigned Kyle Lewis from the Owatonna area to support.  Last year, since he was doing his vicarage, we sent money directly to Kyle while he was not getting support from the seminary.  This year we will once again be supporting him through Concordia. Over the course of the year, we will get correspondence from Kyle and may be able to have him come to Trinity for a Sunday to meet us.

Sudanese Ministry to Southern Minnesota – This is a ministry suggested by Pastors Klein and Boehme. This mission will support Sudanese pastors ministering to the Sudanese population particularly in the Faribault area.  For more information, talk to either pastor.

Ministry to Kazakhs in Mongolia – Pastor David Baker was previously a pastor in Kazakhstan. However, he was not allowed to return to Kazakhstan and is now doing outreach to Kazakh people living in Mongolia and Kazakhstan.  He is training Kazakh leaders to be pastors and to lead the church in those countries.  For additional information, talk to Pastor Boehme.
Look for updates and information about the missions on the bulletin board in the hallway.
Please keep our missions in your prayers.

Mission Board



These are the books we will be reading over the next several months.  Everyone welcome!  You don’t have to commit to every month, so if you see a book you want to read, plan to join us for a lively discussion. First Monday of each month.
January – A Woman of no Importance by Sonia Purnell
February – The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

A few members have recently asked for a clarification of where money given for missions goes. Money that is given through the yellow offering envelopes and marked as DISTRICT/SYNOD (the middle box) goes to the LCMS Minnesota South District office in Burnsville for its various mission programs and activities. Money that is given in the white envelopes with different color borders (titled FOR MISSIONS) stays at Trinity. That money is distributed by the Board of Missions to the missions chosen each year for regular support.

Put this event on your 2022 calendar!  Saturday, January 23, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  
Bring your favorite game to share.  LWML will provide the pie and ice cream.  Come, relax, and enjoy!  We will post a sign-up sheet in December, so we are sure to have enough pie for everyone!

Youth Fundraiser:  On Monday, January 10 we will make 10% of purchases at the Northfield Papa Murphy’s when people order online with the coupon code “GIVE5” or when they take a flyer in that mentions Trinity Lutheran Church.  Get your lunch, dinner, and/or supper and help the youth raise funds.  Please take extra flyers to distribute to your family, friends, co-workers or anyone else you know would like to help.

A group of ladies have organized a lunch outing each week and would like to extend the invitation to ALL ladies of Trinity.  The group meets every Monday at 11:30 am at a local restaurant and have lunch together.  Please join us!  Here is the schedule for the next couple of weeks.
January 3 - Gran Plaza
January 10 - George’s
Please watch the weekly announcements for locations after January 10.

Thank you to the Trinity men and boys, and their guests, who attended the Men’s Christmas Breakfast.  It was a blessing to have so many attend after having to cancel the breakfast last year.  Thanks to Thrivent for funding the event, and to Pastor Boehme and Kurt Anderson for providing the program.  We hope to see you at next year’s breakfast.  Trinity Fellowship Committee – Barb Anderson, Linda DeMann, Darlene Larson, and Bobbi Schmidtke.

Thank you to the Trinity women and girls, and their guests, who attended the Christmas Tea.  It was a blessing to once again have so many attend after having to cancel the tea last year.  Thanks to Thrivent for funding the event, and to everyone who helped with music, refreshments, decorations, the program, set up, and clean up.  We hope to see you at next year’s tea! Barb Anderson, Terri Casmey, Holly Ciffra, Linda DeMann, and Jackie Ohmann

Once again this year we had a successful campaign to dress bears for underprivileged children through the Castle Rock bank.  All fifteen bears were dressed delightfully.  There will be a number of children in the area who will have a better Christmas because of you.  Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to dress these bears!  Barb Greenfield



                              Here is the schedule for Communion Assistants for January - March 2022.
Thank you for your willingness to help with this service.  As always, if you cannot help on a particular Sunday, please find a substitute.
We have a few acolytes at this time.  However, if there is not an acolyte, we are asking the Communion Assistant for the day to light the candles prior to the pastor coming forward.  When it is done is not important as long as they are lit.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask.
January 2    John Greenfield
January 9    Lisa Martinson
January 16    Craig Schuster
January 23    Bryce Skaar
January 30    Barbara Greenfield
February 6    Tony Schmidtke
February 13    John Pfeiffer
February 20    Kurt Anderson
February 27    Pastor Boehme
March 2           Jeff Martinson  (Ash Wednesday)    
March 6    Lisa Martinson
March 13    John Greenfield
March 20    Craig Schuster
March 27    Bryce Skaar



January 2 - The Second Sunday after Christmas
1 Kings 3:4-15
Ephesians 1:3-14
Luke 2:40-52
January 6 - The Epiphany of Our Lord
Isaiah 60:1-6
Ephesians 3:1-12
Matthew 2:1-12
January 9 - The First Sunday after the Epiphany (The Baptism of Our Lord)
Isaiah 43:1-7
Romans 6:1-11
Luke 3:15-22
January 16 - The Second Sunday after The Epiphany
Isaiah 62:1-5
1 Corinthians 12:1-11
John 2:1-11
January 23 - The Third Sunday after The Epiphany
Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-10
1 Corinthians 12:12-31a
Luke 4:16-30
January 30 - The Fourth Sunday after The Epiphany
Jeremiah 1:4-19
1 Corinthians 12:31b-13:13
Luke 4:31-44





DCE Lisa's Page


National Association of DCE Conference – Lisa will be attending a conference from January 12-15.
Youth Sunday School – Most Sundays we will be going through our 120 Bible Stories book.  Our January schedule is:  
January 2 – No Youth Sunday School
January 9 – Prep for teaching children’s class
January 16 – Teaching the children’s class
January 23 – 120 Bible Stories
January 30 – 120 Bible Stories
Papa Murphy’s Pizza Fundraiser –Trinity's youth are holding a fundraiser on January 10, 2022 at the Northfield Papa Murphy’s. We will raise 10% of regular priced purchases from everyone that orders online with a specific Trinity code (GIVE5) or hands in a flyer (available on the Trinity Facebook page or you can pick one up from church.
Pass the word - share the code - print/pass out the flyer.  The more people that help, the better it will be for our youth ministry.
There are two ways to make sure that Trinity Youth will benefit from this.  On Monday, January 10, 2022:
Order Online from the Northfield Papa Murphy’s: enter the coupon code GIVE5 (that’s GIVE with the number 5 after it, and is the coupon code linked to our Trinity Fundraiser); or
Go into the Papa Murphy’s in Northfield and when you order, give them the flyer
The fundraiser is only good at the Northfield Papa Murphy’s on Monday, January 10, 2022.  Please spread the word (and the flyers).
Thank you all!
Sledding @ Carlton – Sunday, January 16, 3:00-5:30pm.  Bring the entire family and a sled, board, box, or anything that will help you speed down the hill.  We will meet at the sledding hill at Carleton College at 3:00.  When sledding is done, we will meet for a pizza supper back at church.  Cost will be $4 per person.    Please sign up by January 15 so we make sure to have enough food.
All Church Pot-Luck Lunch and Bingo – Join us on Sunday, February 20 at 11:45am for a fun afternoon of lunch and Bingo.  Bring a dish to share and be ready for some fun, fellowship, and laughter.   Please sign up by February 18.







 January 2 - Group F
January 9 - Group G
January 16 - Group H
January 23 - Group I
January 30 - Group A

Group A - Dave Downhour, Ray Larson, Ray Ozmun, Bob Quam
Group B - Jim Frederick, Jeff and Holly Ciffra, Jackie Ohmann, Tom Pumper
Group C - Larry Pralle, Kraig Niebuhr, Fred Vivant, Sheldon Volkert
Group D - Kurt Anderson, Kevin Bakken, Brent Casmey, Karl Huber, Russell Kraft
Group E - John Greenfield, Todd Criswell, Jesse Hinz, Steve Norstad
Group F - Jonathan Ohmann, Martin Ohmann, David Ohmann,  David Nybakke, Ken Volkert
Group G - Tony Schmidtke, Glenn Menear, Dale Nelson, John Pfeiffer
Group H - Craig and Kathy Schuster, Jim Grieser, Norm Webber,  Jeff Martinson
Group I - Dan Wett, Bryce Skaar, Bruce Young, Rudy Maurer
If you would like to become an usher or would like to have your name removed, please speak with Ray Larson.


PLEASE NOTE:  If these times do not work for you, please remember that it is your responsibility to find a replacement or someone to switch with.   (Special services are in bold, italics.)
WORSHIP ASSISTANTS                               USHERS                                    _                                                                                                                                
 January 2        John Greenfield                    Group F
January 9        Lisa Martinson                      Group G
January 16      Craig Schuster                        Group H
January 23      Bryce Skaar                            Group I
January 30      Barbara Greenfield                 Group A


ALTAR GUILD                                                 COUNTERS                            _                                                 
 Mary Vogt, Becky DeMann,
Barb Greenfield
January 2 - 8         Matt Harvey
January 9 - 15       Jim Frederick
January 16 - 22     Tom Pumper
January 23 - 29     Tony Schmidtke
January 30 - Feb 5  Brent Casmey



Rev. Dr. Brent Klein, Pastor:

Rev. Dr. Armand J. Boehme, Associate Pastor:

Lisa Martinson, Director of Christian Education:

Dana Criswell, Secretary:

Barb Anderson, Treasurer:







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