Monthly Newsletter

June/July Monthly Newsletter


This time of year we see farmers planting their crops in the field, and gardeners are planting their flowers and other seeds anticipating a blessed harvest in the fall. Here are some items that can be “planted” in our church “garden” and in the “garden” of our own personal life.  

Plant four rows of squash

  "Squash" indifference to God's Word.
  "Squash" sinful criticism.
  "Squash" evil speech.
  "Squash" the neglect of prayer.

Plant five rows of turnips

  "Turnip" for meetings regularly.
  "Turnip" at the Divine Services every Sunday.
  "Turnip" with a visitor and a heart full of Christian love.
  "Turnip" at the Lord's Table regularly.
  "Turnip" to serve often

Plant six rows of lettuce

  "Lettuce" confess our sins to God and to one another and receive His grace and forgiveness regularly.
  "Lettuce" forgive others as Christ has forgiven us.
  "Lettuce" be faithful in teaching our children to love Christ.


  "Lettuce" serve Christ faithfully with our life, time, talents, and treasures.
  "Lettuce" invite and welcome strangers to our church.
  "Lettuce" by God's grace enter eternal life at the end of our days here on earth.

Because our gardening work is not perfect, and because we live in a broken world, we recognize that the weeds of sin will also appear in the “garden” of our lives.

This is why we need the help of the Master Gardener, Jesus Christ. He lived sinlessly. The garden of the fruits of His righteousness is perfect, without the weeds of sin. His grace like a remedy “squashes” the weeds of sin from the gardens of our lives, and enables us to “turnip” as part of the final harvest of souls that shall dwell in heaven’s glory. The righteous fruits of Christ’s saving work will “lettuce” rejoice in His salvation now and eternally. Have a blessed summer! And may your harvest be plentiful!

Rev. Dr. Armand J. Boehme

A Day To Be Remembered!
What has been the most IMPORTANT event in your life---a day to be remembered and treasured???  Most of us don’t even remember this day; the day we became a member of God’s Kingdom, THE DAY OF OUR BAPTISM!!
In an effort to help Trinity members reflect and “remember,”  Trinity is honoring the baptismal birthdays of our members.  On the last Sunday of each month, members, young and old, who were baptized during that month can sit together, enjoy a treat and, perhaps, share stories during the fellowship hour.
We do have the dates of baptism for most of our members; but, if we missed yours, please let us know so we don’t miss it again. Any questions and/or dates, please contact the church office:  645-4438.
Arise and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.  Acts 2:16
Baptism doth also now save us.  I Peter 3:21

June Baptisms                
        Holly Ciffra          Jeff Martinson   Erin Nybakke
        Allyson Ohmann  Grace Ohmann  Les Rud
        Alyssa Swanson    Elaine Zobel

July Baptisms
        Armand Boehme        Dana Criswell
        Elijah Wagner        Isaiah Wagner





April Home Fund Budget Status Report

Home Fund Balance on April 1, 2023                    $8,980.66
April Home Fund Contributions                    $24,000.99
Designated Giving*        $22,177.00
Loose Plate Giving**        $824.13
Rental Property Fund        $999.86
April Home Fund Expenses                        $20,927.54
Home Fund Balance on April 30, 2023                $12,054.11

* Includes giving by people who use offering envelopes and e-giving
**Includes giving by people without offering envelopes

Home Fund Balance
Trinity began 2023 with a surplus of $15,621.90 in the Home Fund. The 2023 budget adopted by the voters included $247,782.14 in Home Fund Contributions and $255,722.64 in Home Fund Expenses, a difference of $7,940.50. In April of 2023, Trinity did not need to transfer money from other funds to the Home Fund to cover expenses.

Trinity Fund Report
The voters established a Trinity Fund for money given to memorialize a person or occasion.  Money in the Trinity Fund is spent at the discretion of the Council unless it is designated for a specific purpose by the donor(s).  In April of 2023, Trinity spent $37.58 from the Trinity Fund, given in memory of Bev Gorr, for improvements approved by the Technology Committee.




Trinity Lutheran Church

May 4, 2023

In Attendance:
Pastor Klein
Pastor Boehme
Lisa Martinson - DCE
John Greenfield - President
Kurt Anderson - Board of Elders
Jim Koch - Board of Elders
Barb Anderson - Financial
Tony Schmidtke – Board of Trustee
Bobbi Schmidtke - Board of Missions
Jackie Ohmann - Board of Stewardship

Opening Prayer: Pastor Klein at 8:08 pm
Review of Minutes - Approved as printed
Financial Statement-
Transfer $1000 Rental Property to the Home Fund and still maintain $12,000 in Rental Property Fund
*Elders – Worship Supplies have been paid up to date.

Old Business
Church school
Pastor Klein Talked to them about Voters wanting more in regards to the agreement.  Shared with them the budget items as well to see where they can help out.  They have an idea of what we pay.  We would anticipate them having their own garbage service.  Trustees should decide how much they would pay for utilities.
2023 is out of the question. 2024 is better, but not great.  It gives them more of a focal point.  They have a favorable impression of using our facility.
They are a strong, dedicated group of people who are heading this up.


New Business
Thrivent Request -Jeff Ciffra requested $375 to pay for Softball Registration.  M (Barb Anderson) S (Pastor Boehme) P
LCEF Checking Account was switched over to Barb Anderson and Lori Young.  Request to replace Lori with David Greenfield.  Usually this is only 1 check per month.  M (Barb Anderson) S (Tony Schmidtke) P

– May 12 up to Camp Ripley for BYTR; Installation of new officers on May 14.

Boehme – Campus Ministry Conference at University Lutheran Chapel in the Twin Cities.  Others can go.  Preaching in Kilkenny July 2, August 6.  Preaching in Faribault on May 28.

Youth Sunday School Schedule – Watching and discussing “The Chosen”.  Thanks to Holly Ciffra and Bonnie Pape for helping to facilitate the class in my absence.

Past Events:
April 1: Easter Party  - 8 children; 7 youth and 5 adults
April 17: Youth FUEL First Responders Event – 8 youth; 4 adults.  $280 in cash donations!

Future events:
May 7: Confirmation Sunday for Lilli, Jared, Ashlie, and Jonah

May 10: Playground Prep Word Day
May 26-28: Camp Omega Work Weekend
June 10: Camp Omega Day
June 26-28: Cabin Retreat
June 11-14: Rochester Servant Event (so far we have 2 youth and 2 adults officially registered)
July 19: Youth Prep Day for Vacation Bible School

The 2nd Annual Women’s Mystery Dinner Night “Happily Never After” will be held the evening of Friday, May 5.  We have 20 women signed up and ready for a fun evening.  Thanks to Tony and Bobbi Schmidtke for allowing us to transform your basement into a castle ballroom.  Also thanks to Barb Anderson, Terri Casmey, Audry and Dorothy Hovland, Tony/Bobbi Schmidtke, and Jeff Martinson for helping with food and setup.

Playground Update:  Engineered Wood Fiber will be delivered later this month.  Wednesday, May 10 will be a prep day for the playground.  Anyone who can help will be fed pizza and beverages.  Bring anything that will help move sand, dig up dead plants, and haul large objects (tarps, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc.)

Vacation – Jeff and I are on vacation May 18-28


Passed motion to return to glass communion cups at the altar.  This will begin on May 14.
Sound System in worship area seems to be functioning well.  Committee has been talking with local sound people
Greeters for greeters ministry are still needed
Fall orientation ideas for new members.  Nice to maybe have a congregation sponsor them for the first month of membership.
Order materials for Stewarship committee for Consecration.  Get dates and template to start our next stewardship campaign.

We will be looking for a new person to head the Christmas Program
VBS – Audry and Sherry are working on VBS

Mother’s Day/Mission Sunday; Fellowship Committee will have flowers for women.  
Committee will meet to discuss Father’s Day and summer ministry.

NNO (National Night Out) – meetings will start to ramp up and plan is beginning.  Good idea to come from last year’s heat day is to move food inside.  Any people who would like to help on the committee, please let Kurt or Barb Anderson.

If school happens, might be a good
Propane smell when entering church.  Maybe when one furnace kicks in it might be causing the smell.  Smell is in entry hall, not in kitchen.

Mission Sunday coming up.  LAMP will be a great energy starter to get a team to go again.
Bobbi informed representatives from the missions we support and requested them to come and talk about what they do and possibly have things to hand out.
$500 was sent to finish up the Adopt-A-Student.  Pastor Hyde will also receive some funds.  Good idea to send Kyle a gift from the congregation

Camp Omega
Want to get a group to visit the camp.  Great to go on “Camp Omega Day” on June 10 and we would have a Bible Study/Devotion during the day.  Start at church at 8:30am with a devotion/breakfast and then head to the camp for what they have to offer.  Mid way we will gather for a devotion.  Start inviting people! The day ends at 4pm, but if you need to leave early you can.
A signup sheet will be on the bulletin board soon.

Welcome Jackie and Dave.  
There are funds for college ministry that is available from the Minnesota South District.

Closed at 8:42 with Luther’s Evening Prayer


The Annual meeting of the Northfield Retirement Community (NRC) was held on April 16 2023. Attending the meeting from Trinity were Barb and John Greenfield, Barb Anderson, and Pastor Boehme.
The opening devotion was led by the NRC Chaplain, Rev. Michael Mandsager. Barb Anderson, the NRC secretary, asked for approval of the minutes from the 2022 meeting, and they were approved. A treasurer’s report was given.

NRC President and CEO, Tom Nielson, gave a report on the health of the NRC. In his report Nielson noted the challenges caused by the Covid pandemic and the changes it necessitated for the NRC. Those challenges included a lack of adequate staffing and the closure of 3 NRC neighborhoods. In responding to those challenges new avenues of service were pursued by the NRC. One of the closed NRC neighborhoods has been reopened and repurposed as an affordable housing residence. A new memory care facility is also being planned for another of the closed neighborhoods. Staffing shortages remain an ongoing issue. The ability of the NRC to accept new residents is dependent on having adequate staff to care for the residents. Future needs and other planning ideas were also shared.

An update was given on the current state of the NRC Foundation, It was reported that 354 donors had given $174,172 to the NRC Foundation in 2022.  The NRC Board also received $4,823.63 from its member congregations in 2022. Trinity has been a member of the NRC Board for 51

years. Trinity is one of 18 Northfield area churches that are official board member congregations.
The Nominating Committee announced the slate of nominees up for election. Devon Barnes was newly elected, and Joe Amy, Barb Anderson, Mike Berthelsen, and Bill Nelson were re-elected to the Board.

Following the closing prayer by Rev. Mandsager, the meeting was adjourned.

Report submitted by Pastor Boehme



The Book Club will be reading the following books and meeting to discuss each book on the dates listed below.  Everyone is welcome.  We begin at 10a.m.
This Tender Land – William Kent Krueger – June 5, 2023
The Book of Ruth – Jane Hamilton – July 3,2023
The Book of Longing – Sue Monk Kidd – Aug. 7, 2023

Do you struggle to read your bible due to the small print?  What about other books or reading materials?  We want to make you aware of your options.  The LBW organization has available many reading materials in large print:  the Bible, the old testament, new testament, LWML Quarterly, and books of the bible. They offer reading materials related to grief and suffering, faith, mental health, health, anger and conflict and much more.  All in large print. 

To find out what is offered, go to:  Pick large print and print the pdf order form.  This list readings available.   Complete the form and mail in.
You can also call and place an order, 1-800-925-6092.  These materials are free of charge.

VBS is coming up soon - July 24 -27.  We are asking for your help with supplies again this year.  Remove a star from the poster board and bring back that donation by mid-June.  Don’t forget to grab a yard sign!
Thank you for donating to our out of this world VBS program. We couldn’t make it happen without your stellar support!

We enjoyed Pastor Randy Heide's message and presentation on Mission Sunday, May 14, and are excited to hear that the  Wunnummin Lake community is eager for our LAMP team to return to their community.  We are beginning plans to get a team together to travel in the summer of 2024 for a week long Bible School.  Please prayerfully consider being part of the team either by traveling or supporting from here at home.  Any questions please contact Karen Wagner or Bobbi Schmidtke.

Camp Omega is having their annual Free Open House event on Saturday, June 10th 10:00 am-4:00 pm.  Everyone is invited to join us to explore Camp Omega and see everything they have to offer at no cost.  We would like to get a group together from Trinity  to enjoy the many activities they are offering, including pontoon boat and wagon rides, swimming and other water activities, arts and crafts and many more activities along with all this fun we will enjoy fellowship time with each other.  We will start the day with breakfast and a devotion at church at 8:30, then car pool to Camp where everyone can pick their own activities to enjoy.  We will meet for lunch provided by Camp, a devotion and a time to share our favorite things about camp. 
Sign up to let us know how many to plan for, and you can register for the day at under the event tab, if you need help with this please contact Bobbi Schmidtke.

Thank you to everyone who helped!  I want to extend my sincere and heartfelt appreciation to everyone who came and helped for 2 Wednesday evenings, May 10 and May 17, to work on the playground.  It made my heart smile to see so many people join in the fun and hard work...and we got a LOT accomplished!  It’s a true blessing to work together on this project with all of you!  If you have questions about what the next phase of sprucing up the playground will be, please talk to Lisa Martinson.

The Fellowship Committee will sponsor the following summer and fall events:

June – Father’s Day Treat Bags
July or August – Trinity Softball Game Picnic
September – All-Church Picnic or Breakfast
October – Apple Orchard Trip

The specific dates, times and details for these events will be in future weeklies. The Fellowship Committee members are Barb Anderson, Linda Hutton, Kay Koch, Darlene Larson, Linda Munson, and Bobbi Schmidtke.

One of the best-known and most-beloved psalms is Psalm 23, the “Shepherd Psalm.” There we learn that the Lord is our Shepherd. And since He is our Shepherd, we will not want. We will not suffer want because the Lord, our Shepherd, will lead us to green pastures and beside still waters. In other words, the Lord, our Shepherd, will provide for all that we need in both body and soul.

Yet, we live as though this is not the case. We live as though we actually suffer from want, that the Lord, our Shepherd, will not provide for all that we need. And thus, we live as though the Lord is not our Shepherd. And that means that we live as though we are not the Lord’s sheep.

When do we live as though the Lord is not our Shepherd? When we put anything else before Him and His provision for us. When we think that going to work is more important than receiving His gifts in church on Sunday (in violation of the First and Third Commandments). When we fail to give generously of the first fruits of what the Lord has provided for us because we don’t know what the future will bring (even though He has promised that He will lead us to green pastures and still waters).

We live as though we are not the Lord’s sheep when we think that the Lord is only in the busi-ness of helping those who will help themselves. We act this way because our minds are set on earthly, temporal things and not on heavenly, eternal things. We act this way because we have stopped hearing the call of our Shepherd, which comes through His Word.

Through the Word of God, the Shepherd calls us to Himself. Through the Word, the Holy Spirit gathers and enlightens us with His gifts. Through the Word, we are kept holy and nourished in the one true faith, the faith that follows our Shepherd wherever He leads us. He promises to lead us to our true home, to the land flowing with milk and honey, to a better country, not of this world, but a heavenly one.

And so, here’s the Good News: the Lord is your Shepherd, even and especially for wayward sheep. For Jesus seeks and saves those who are lost. He finds the lost sheep and carries them back to the fold. He is the Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep. The Lord is your Shepherd. Let us live as His sheep.

– LCMS Stewardship Ministry:


    June 4
      5:00 pm at Sechlar 2 - Trinity  VS.  UCC  
    June 11
      7:10 pm at Sechlar 1 - Trinity  VS.  St. Dominic’s White
    June 18
      8:15 pm at Sechlar 1 - Trinity  VS.  Canvas Church
    June 25
      7:10 pm at Sechlar 2 - Trinity  VS.  Emmaus
            8:15 pm at Sechlar 2 - Trinity  VS.  Hosanna
    July 2 - No Softball games
    July 9
          5:00 pm at Sechlar 1 - Trinity  VS  Life21
    July 16
      6:05 pm at Sechlar 1 - Trinity  VS.  Bethel
    July 23
      7:10 pm at Sechlar 1 - Trinity  VS.  St. Dominic Johnnys
    July 30
      6:05 pm at Sechlar 1 - Trinity  VS.  Cornerstone
    August 6
      6:05 pm at Sechlar 2 - Trinity  VS.  Methodist


June 4 -                                       July 2 -
The Holy Trinity                                 5th Sunday after Pentecost

Genesis 1:1-2:4a                                     Jeremiah 28:5-9
Acts 2:14, 22-36                                      Romans 7:1-13
Matthew 28:16-20                                    Matthew 10:34-42

June 11 -                                     July 9 -  
2nd Sunday after Pentecost             6th Sunday after Pentecost

Hosea 5:15-6:6                                        Zechariah 9:9-12
Romans 4:13-25                                      Romans 7:14-25a
Matthew 9:9-13                                        Matthew 11:25-30

June 18 -                                     July 16 -
3rd Sunday after Pentecost              7th Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 19:2-8                                          Isaiah 55:10-13
Romans 5:6-15                                         Romans 8:12-17
Matthew 9:35-10:20                                 Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23

June 25 -                                     July 23 -
4th Sunday after Pentecost              8th Sunday after Pentecost

Jeremiah 20:7-13                                     Isaiah 44:6-8
Romans 6:12-23                                      Romans 8:18-27
Matthew 10:5a, 21-33                              Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

                                                                 July 30 -
                                                                 9th Sunday after Pentecost

                                                             Deuteronomy 7:6-9
                                                                 Romans 8:28-39
                                                                 Matthew 13:44-52





Challenge for Youth:  Memorize 52 Bible Verses This Year (1 verse per week).
June 7 (Week 23) – Romans 3:23, NIV
June 14 (Week 24) – Ephesians 2:8, ESV
June 21 (Week 25) – Psalm 139:14, NIV
June 28 (Week 26) – Deuteronomy 6:5, NIV
July 5 (Week 27) – Matthew 22:39, NIV
July 12 (Week 28) – Philippians 4:6, NIV
July 19 (Week 29) – Philippians 4:7, NIV
July 26 (Week 30) – Proverbs 30:5, ESV

Youth Sunday School Schedule – for students in grades 5 and up.  We started watching “The Chosen” and will continue if there are people interested.  I have a discussion guide for us to use after each episode.  *It will be very helpful to start class a little early so we can get through an entire episode.

Camp Omega Day – Saturday, June 10; Trinity is opening this event up to everyone! 😊  We will start at 8:30 at Trinity and then head over to the camp.  We will meet together for lunch and also for a devotional time.  A sign up sheet for the whole church is on the bulletin board at church. Recreational activities include swimming, pontoon boat and wagon rides, archery, canoeing, kayaking, hatchet throwing, arts and crafts, and a variety of other Camp Staff led activities for the whole family.  The day’s event concludes around 4:00 pm.  Pre-registration ends on 6/9/23 and is requested, but not required.  Follow this link to register online:

2023 Rochester Servant Event (June 11-14):  I hear that there are others who are planning on attending.   If you are, please let me know if you are registering under Trinity Northfield.  As of the day I wrote this for the newsletter, I have heard from Jackie, Grace, Erin, Bonnie, Hannah, Abigail, and Timothy.  We are working on lodging options, so if you are not on this list and are thinking to attend, please let me know ASAP so we can make sure to have a place for you to stay.  I’d like to touch base with everyone attending so that we are all on the same page as we finalize some plans.  Does Wednesday, May 31 at 6:30pm work for at least one person per family?  If needed, I can set up a zoom meeting.

Summer Youth Nights will be the 3rd Tuesday evening
June 20 – Fun and Fire Night at Church (7-8:30pm) Bonfire-type snacks (and other snacks) provided
July 18 – Destination Unknown; Ezekiel 47:19 and John 7:37-41
August 15 How about a trip to Sky Zone in Edina?  Cost would be $25 per person and would include 90 minutes of sky zone fun and supper.  Adult drivers would be needed.

Youth Prep (All Youth Volunteer) Night for VBS will be on Wednesday, July 19 from 7-9.  We will help with any set-up needs and hopefully have some time to go over music and daily themes to help prepare you for leading the younger children the following week.

3...2...1...BLAST OFF!  July 24-27; 5:30-7:30pm.  Shine the light of Jesus in the world!  We are looking for astronauts and volunteers to join us for our space-themed Vacation Bible School in July.  This is a FREE faith-building event!  For more details or to register as an astronaut or as a volunteer, please check out this link:

“Day Cabin” Retreat –June 26-28 (Monday – Wednesday) We will meet at church at 8:30am on Monday and head north.  We will return on Wednesday at about 3pm Cost is $20 per person and includes meals from Monday lunch through Wednesday lunch.  Please help by registering by June 18 so I have enough time to make sleeping arrangements, enlist drivers/chaperones and buy food.  Adults – you are welcome to join us, please let me know if you can drive and how many total people you can take in your vehicle.

National Night Out – I’d love to have a group of youth get together and decide what we want to offer for National Night Out.  Our first planning meeting will be at Culver’s on Wednesday, June 7 at 6:00pm.  If you need a ride, please let me know.  All youth in grades 5-12 who attend will get a free supper

Here’s what else we’re working on for 2023.  *Subject to some changes
May 31: Rochester Servant Event Meeting (6:30pm)
June 7: National Night Out Youth Planning Meeting at Culvers (6:00pm)
June 10: Camp Omega Day (8:30am at Trinity – 4:00pm)
June 11-14: Rochester Servant Event
June 20: Fun and Fire Night at Church (7-8:30pm)
June 26-28: Cabin Retreat
July 18: Destination Unknown 7-8:30pm
July 19:  Youth Prep Night for Vacation Bible School (7-9pm)
July 24-27: Vacation Bible School (5:30-7:30pm)
August 1: National Night Out
August 15: SkyZone???





June 4 - Lisa Martinson
June 11 - Brent Casmey
June 18 - Becky DeMann
June 25 - Olivia Voigt
July 2 - Amy Klein
July 9 - Erin & Jared Nybakke
July 16 - Josh Wagner
July 23 - Lisa Martinson
July 30 - Brent Casmey




June 4 - Jeff Martinson
June 11 - Pastor Boehme
June 18 - John Pfeiffer
June 25 - Tony Schmidtke

July will be published in the weekly at a later date.


June 4 - Group A                 July 2 - Group E    
June 11 - Group B               July 9 - Group F
June 18 - Group C               July 16 - Group G
June 25 - Group D               July 23 - Group H
                                         July 30 - Group A

Group A - Ray Larson, Dave Downhour, Ray Ozmun, Larry Pralle
Group B - Tom Pumper, Jeff and Holly Ciffra, Jackie Ohmann
Group C - Kurt Anderson, Kevin Bakken, Brent Casmey, Russell Kraft, Jim Koch
Group D - John Greenfield, Josh Wagner, Jesse Hinz, Steve Norstad, Mike Aurich
Group E - David, Erin, and Jared Nybakke, Jonathan Ohmann, Martin Ohmann, David Ohmann
Group F - Tony and Bobbi Schmidtke, Grant Hovland, Dale Nelson, John Pfeiffer
Group G - Craig and Kathy Schuster, Jim Grieser, Norm Webber, Jeff Martinson
Group H - Dan Wett, Bryce Skaar, Bruce Young, Rudy, Myleen, and Ashlie Maurer


January                                                                       July
Bobbi and Tony Schmidtke                                       Emelda Rasmussen
Barb and Kurt Anderson                                           Nancy and David Downhour

February                                                                     August
Joan and Larry Pralle                                                 Darlene and Ray Larson
Bryce Skaar                                                                   Susan and Cliff Roberts

March                                                                          September
Darlene and Ray Larson                                          
Deb and Karl Thomforde
Susan And Cliff Roberts                                           Brenda and Kraig Niebuhr

April                                                                             October
Deb and Karl Thomforde                                              Joan and Larry Pralle
Brenda and Kraig Niebuhr                                            Bryce Skaar
May                                                                                November
Emelda Rasmussen                                                     Emelda Rasmussen
Nancy and David Downhour                                     Nancy and David Downhour
June                                                                               December
Bobbi and Tony Schmidtke                                        Bobbi and Tony Schmidtke
Barb and Kurt Anderson                                             Barb and Kurt Anderson


PLEASE NOTE:  If these times do not work for you, please remember that it is your responsibility to find a replacement or someone to switch with.   (Special services are in bold, italics.)

WORSHIP ASSISTANTS           USHERS                CAMERAS     _                                                                                                                                
 June 4   - Jeff Martinson                Group A               Lisa Martinson
 June 11 - Pastor Boehme              Group B               Brent Casmey
June 18 - John Pfeiffer                    Group C              Becky DeMann
June 25 - Tony Schmidtke               Group D              Olivia Voigt

July 2 -                                            Group E               Amy Klein
July 9 -                                            Group F            Erin & Jared Nybakke
July 16 -                                          Group G              Josh Wagner
July 23 -                                          Group H               Lisa Martinson
July 30 -                                          Group A               Brent Casmey
ALTAR GUILD                               COUNTERS                            _                                                 
June - Becky Grieser, Marcia Huber        Tony & Bobbi Schmidtke
           Colleen Vivant                               Kurt & Barb Anderson

July - June Rado, Mary Ozmun               Emelda Rasmussen
          Darlene Larson                              Dave Downhour

LAWN MOWING                                                               .
May 28 - June 3:  Dave Nybakke         July 2 - 8:  Josh Wagner
June 4 - 10:  Jeff Martinson                  July 9 - 15:  Brent Casmey
June 11 - 17:  Russell Kraft                  July 16 - 22:  Larry Pralle
June 18 - 24:  Rob Gottsch                  July 23 - 29:  Dan Wett
June 25 - July 1:  Tony Schmidtke       July 30 - August 5:  Dave Nybakke



 Rev. Dr. Brent Klein, Pastor:

Rev. Dr. Armand J. Boehme, Associate Pastor:

Lisa Martinson, Director of Christian Education:

Dana Criswell, Secretary:

Barb Anderson, Treasurer: