Heartfelt Giving

The Heartfelt Giving program is a way for people who already shop online to generate cash donations to Trinity. The program is safe and easy to use, with no cost to Trinity, and includes thousands of online stores. Trinity has set up an online “mall” through Heartfelt Giving that can be accessed either at www.heartfeltgiving.net/np22 or through this link: 

Click Here

Each store donates a percentage of sales to Heartfelt Giving as a commission, ranging from 2% to 10%. Heartfelt Giving donates 51% of its commissions to Trinity. All purchases are secure because they occur on the store’s website, NOT on the Heartfelt Giving and Trinity websites.

For example, instead of going to www.walmart.com to make a purchase, go to the Trinity mall, select the Name Brand Stores category, click on the Walmart icon, and shop. If you spend $800 at Walmart through the Trinity mall, Walmart gives Heartfelt Giving a commission of $22 (2.75%) and Heartfelt Giving gives $11.22 (51%) of the commission to Trinity. To generate even more money for Trinity, use a Walmart scrip card to pay for the online purchase from the Trinity mall!