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Weekly for November 1, 2020

Sunday, November 1
All Saints’ Sunday
8:45 am Worship Service with NO singing
9:45 am MS and HS Devotion
10:00 am Worship Service WITH singing

Monday, November 2
10:00 am Book Club

Tuesday, November 3
Voters’ Packet Deadline
6:30 pm Bible Class

Wednesday, November 4
6:00 - 7:15 pm Catechism Class

Thursday, November 5
6:00 pm Worship Service
7:00 pm Boards
8:15 pm Council Meeting

Friday, November 6
9:00 am - Noon Pastor Boehme Office Hours

Saturday, November 7
7:45 am Der Lutheraner

Sunday, November 8
8:45 am Worship Service with NO singing
9:45 am MS and HS Devotion
10:00 am Worship Service WITH singing
5:30 - 7:00 pm FUEL Youth

Today is All Saints’ Sunday, when we give thanks to God for all those who have died confessing Jesus as their Savior.  As part of the service today, the names of those Trinity members and friends and loved ones of the congregation who fell asleep in Jesus since last All Saints’ Sunday, will be read.  Members of Trinity include:
     Elsie Forsythe        Goldie Halvorson        Gordon Rasmussen    
     Lois Kodada        Milt Berg            Gloria Dubbels
     Ruth Eppen        Beverly Gorr        Gloria Dohrman
     Betty Spielvogel

Thank you  to all who prayed, sent cards, and gave me phone calls during my recovery from heart surgery.  I am grateful, also, to Rev. Klein and Rev. Boehme for their care and ministry.  I will always remember your kindness.    Martin Ohmann

We want to thank our people from Trinity who have uplifted us in prayer and sent many cards with words of encouragement. My role as a medical caregiver is no longer required and I thank you for your heart warming and faith filled support. We celebrate Karl’s one year anniversary of his stem cell transplant and our prayers continue for protection while his immune system is compromised. We are doing well and pray that all of you stay safe and find purpose in each new day.  With warm regards,   Deb and Karl Thomforde

For the immediate future, Trinity will have two Sunday morning worship services.  The first will be at 8:45.  The order of worship will remain the same as it has since late May.  The second service will be at 10:00.  We will sing three hymns at that service.   If you are interested in private communion, please see either of the Pastors to arrange that.

The deadline for getting your articles to the office for the Voters’ packet is Tuesday, November 3.  The packets will be available for the voters to pick up next Sunday, Nov. 8.  The Voters’ Assembly Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 22, after the 10:00 am Worship service.

Due to the uncertainty by Castle Rock Bank on their ability to get teddy bears to dress up for needy children for Christmas, we have decided to not participate in this mission.  Hopefully by next Christmas things will be closer to normal.  Board of Mission.

Trinity members and friends enjoyed a very colorful car cruise on Sunday, October 11th.  They cruised through Northfield, Dundas, Millersberg, Lonsdale, and Webster before returning to Northfield.  This congregational event was held in lieu of the car show that could not be held this year because of the pandemic.  The 6 cars- Bob Davies (63 Ford convertible), Buzz Cummins & Eileen Hachfeld (56 Thunderbird), Chris and Caroline Bussmann (56 Thunderbird), Sid and Betty Sorbo (53 Hudson Jet), Craig and Kathy Schuster (Cadillac Ambulance), and Pastor and Judy Boehme (07 Shelby Mustang) were joined mid-cruise by a 65 Shelby Mustang Cobra.  The tree colors were spectacular.  It would appear that our gracious God enabled all the leaf colors to appear at once - hence the brilliant reds, maroons, yellows, browns, golds, oranges, and greens all mixed together in a display of beauty rarely seen.  This beauty is a contrast to what our county and the world are now experiencing.  Truly our god and the beauty of His love and grace are ours.  The cruise concluded with a prayer of thanks to God for the beauty displayed, for safety on the cruise, and for the blessings of God’s grace and mercy to us all.




People Serving this Week

Pastor: Sunday - Pastor Klein                             

Sunday Worship Assistant: 

Organist:     David Greenfield 


Ushers, Greeters, and Acolytes will not be used until Worship Services and Communion return to normal operations.



Thursday (10/22)


Sunday (10/25)
             8:45 am - 30
           10:00 am - 15





Scripture Readings

November 8
The Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost
                             Amos 5:18-24
                      1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
                          Matthew 25:1-13



Church Office Hours -  Monday through Thursday
                                                    9:00 am to 2:00 pm
                                                    9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Phone:  507-645-4438          

 Website:  www.trinitynorthfield.org

Rev. Dr. Brent Klein, Pastor - pastor.klein@trinitynorthfield.org
Rev. Dr. Armand J. Boehme, Associate Pastor - pastor.boehme@trinitynorthfield.org
Lisa Martinson, DCE - dce.lisa@trinitynorthfield.org
Dana Criswell, Secretary - secretary@trinitynorthfield.org
Barb Anderson, Treasurer - treasurer@trinitynorthfield.org







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