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Continue in Jesus’ Word
Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.  And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  
Thanks to the “word count” feature in Microsoft Word, I can roughly estimate that over the course of one year, I preach somewhere between 70,000 to 75,000 words in my sermons.  I do not know how I would begin to estimate the number of words I speak in my Bible classes or the confirmation classes in a year—ditto the devotions I have during hospital or shut-in visits.  It would be a simple matter of going back through the monthly newsletter articles I write during the year and getting the word count of those articles.  
Those, of course, aren’t the only words spoken or read here at Trinity.  Rev. Boehme preaches from time to time.  He teaches some classes.  There are the classes taught by our Sunday School teachers.  There are also the devotional materials we make available to our members.
In short, there are a lot of words you hear or read over the course of a year.  All of them lead (or should lead) to one all-important message: you are forgiven of your sins by God and have the promise of eternal life because of the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.  Yet why do we have to read and hear this message so many times?  Would not a few times be enough?  
There is a reason Jesus said that we are to “abide” in His word.  We are prone to forget the good news of the Gospel.  It is our nature to believe that we can do something to save ourselves.  It is contrary to our nature to rely on the Son of God to do it all for us.  For this reason, we abide (that is, live) in Jesus’ word.  That word reminds us that we have sinned against our God, and we cannot save ourselves.  More important, that word tells us that Jesus has saved us by dying and rising again.  We simply trust in Jesus and His work.  He has set us free from our sins.  Because of Him, we are forgiven and have eternal life.
This is the message that we need to hear again and again.  This is a message that we should want to hear again and again.
In Christ,
Pastor Klein



A Day To Be Remembered!
What has been the most IMPORTANT event in your life---a day to be remembered and treasured???  Most of us don’t even remember this day; the day we became a member of God’s Kingdom, THE DAY OF OUR BAPTISM!!
In an effort to help Trinity members reflect and “remember,” Trinity is honoring the baptismal birthdays of our members.  On the last Sunday of each month, members, young and old, who were baptized during that month can sit together, enjoy a treat and, perhaps, share stories during the fellowship hour.
We do have the dates of baptism for most of our members; but, if we missed yours, please let us know so we don’t miss it again. Any questions and/or dates, please contact the church office:  645-4438.
Arise and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.  Acts 2:16
Baptism doth also now save us.  I Peter 3:21

October Baptisms
Jean Bakken                     Judy Boehme            Jeffrey Ciffra
Elda Ann Frauenshuh    Diane Frederick        Emily Frederick
John Frederick                Jason Gorr                 Ken Greene
Barbara Greenfield         Nathan Greenfield   Joshua Grieser
David Habermas             Ella Halverson          Margaret Johnson
Lois Kodada                     Ken Kopischke          Darlene Larson
Noah Malecha                 Rudy Maurer             Lu Morson
Rodney Nelson                Bryce Skaar               Kara Voigt
Sheldon Volkert              Nicholas Wagner      Elizabeth Winter
Brandon Young               Lori Young


After service on Sunday, October 28, there will be a reception in our Fellowship Hall to celebrate these Baptism Birthdays!
We hope to see you there!!




The earth is the LORD’s, and all its fullness, the
world and those who dwell therein.” Psalms 24:1

As we look back on the first eight months of the fiscal year at Trinity, we remember the words of King David in this beautiful psalm.  Everything in creation belongs to God because He created everything.  He blesses us daily with all we need from His creation, and continues to provide for Trinity.  Like David, we daily give Him our thanks and praise.
The reports in the newsletter reflect giving and spending through August (66.7% of the year).  Home Fund Expenses are at 56.3% of the budgeted amount, while Home Fund Giving is at 60.5% of the projected amount.  The Home Fund has a surplus of approximately $26,058.  Giving to the District and Synod, the Trinity Missions Fund, and the Capital Fund is at 63%, 28%, and 55%, respectively, of the anticipated amounts for 2018.  The reports of giving and spending through September will be posted in the Fellowship Hall during the first week of October.
Funds budgeted for the DCE position in 2018 are not being spent, and a 2018 offering of $13,200 was given in 2017.  If two-thirds of the DCE funds were added to the expenses made through August, Home Fund Expenses would be at 64% of the budgeted amount.  If two-thirds of the funds given in 2017 were added to the offerings received through August, Home Fund Giving would be at 65% of the projected amount.




Attendance:  Pastor Klein, Barbara Anderson, Kurt Anderson, Bobbi Schmidtke, Todd Criswell, Judy Boehme, Jim Frederick, Grant Hovland

Call to Order - 8:10 pm

Opening Prayer - Pastor Klein

Minutes from August 2, 2018 read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report - Approved
    Scrip fund amount sent to Willet Hauser to get stained glass window repair started.  Ferd Volkert fund said balance of his memorial money can go toward window repair.  Over $2,000 for window repairs from members.
    Other memorial funds can be used for handicapped access door.  Don Sward’s memorial fund could go for that.
    Tiny things on budget status - extra payment for visiting pastor who came on August 16, so a bit over because of that expense.
    Home fund expenses running at 56% of what is budgeted and income at 61% so that is looking good.
    We are doing pretty well.  Our expenses are running 64% and income at 65%.
    Projecting out the income we might expect for 2018 was thought to be $210,925 but is at about $203,050 which is more realistic for 2018.  District and Synod missions will be close to $5,000, Capital fund will be about $9,000.  Trinity Missions is way down - only $5,000, but was projected at $10,000.
    Judy mentioned that contribution statements were off by a week due to number of Sundays from January to August.  But it will resolve itself by end of the year.

Old Business
    Tanzenwald - not very lucrative, so not doing that.

New Business
    Budget Submissions - Synod convention is next year and our circuit will be assessed around $5800, not including food and lodging.  Three years ago we were assessed $316.  Pastor will suggest that we do $800 instead, which is under Board of Elders.  Pastor will know more at the beginning of the new year.
    September 20 is when budget stuff can be submitted as per Board of Stewardship.
    Trinity in Mission - Thanksgiving meal.  We are going to invite neighborhood as well as getting more folks from the church.  We will work on getting RSVP’s from those we invite.  Thanks to Jim Frederick and Jackie Ohmann for doing that.

Pastor’s Report
    Organists for the next 3 Sundays and waiting for news about last Sunday and hoping to get college student for September 30.
    Mary Peterson will begin playing piano and then organ beginning in October.
    Site statistics
    Pastor read the information from the “outreach” books and reassured everyone that NNO and Thanksgiving event were good.  Tony Schmidtke participated in the Northfield day of volunteer working and thought it was good.  We will participate next year.  What we have done so far is good, but what holds people is folks’ reticence to share the Gospel because they do not have the “words” to share.  Pastor said he needs to explore ways to train people in how to share the Gospel comfortably.  Kurt said people need to practice.  Everyone His Witness (LCMS program) is goo and can be done more easily.

Report on Possible DCE
    Pastor would like to see an Intern.  An intern would wish to have a variety of experiences, which we can provide.  Cost is $20,000, beginning in late summer and housing needs to be figured out.  Intern would answer directly to Pastor Klein, as a representative of the college.  Voters would be able to ok this idea at November Voters Assembly Meeting - since money is already budgeted for it.  Council should officially approve to reassure voters that this is approved by the Council members.
    Pastor has a rough draft of a job description, which he gave to college and can be tweaked by Council.

Board Reports
    Missions - no report.  They decided to send another $250 to each of the supported missions this year, and they still have a balance of about $850.  LB Translators coming for presentation 11/4.
    Trustees - looking for snow shovelers, since we are down to 8 people.
    Stewardship - budgets due by 9/20.  Stewardship letter will be created.  Pledge cards, how available, pick up or send.  Extra cards can again be n the pews on Pledge Sunday.
    Education - Sunday School Offering for coming year could go to Christian military organization.  Pastor knows someone to send such funds to.  $98.50 is in the account now.  Christmas program - will start November 18 for practice and program & potluck will be December 16.  Reformation Harvest Party October 28.  Will have candy bags and not trunk/treat.
 Elders - Pastor can get out of town during MEA.  Trying to update the roster of members - notifying people who live far away (kids mostly) to make membership list proper.  Updating of phone numbers and addresses.  Pastor will get job description of intern, and go to Board of Ed to see how that will work.  It was suggested that everyone make Mary Peterson feel at home when she begins playing in October.
    Fellowship - two huge September birthdays (Ella and Lois have big b’days) so we will skip the ice cream social on Rally Day.  September 19 - November 7 will be meals.  John Frederick will be 65 on 9/11.

Adjournment at 9:00 pm with Luther’s Evening Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Boehme, Temporary Secretary


Pastor Klein is looking for volunteers to help archive the church records.  Most of our congregational records (Voters and council minutes, correspondence, pictorial directories, and other items of historical value) are either in the church office or in the vestry.  If there is ever a fire or some other disaster, these documents could be destroyed and forever lost to us.
This work is a lot easier than it sounds.  If you volunteer, you will take these documents, put them on the copier in our office, and the copier will send them as a PDF email to one of our office computers where they will be copied onto several flash drives.  These flash drives will then be stored in different locations for safe keeping.  If ever we do lose some or all of our records, at least we will have a digital copy of them.  Please consider volunteering.  This doesn’t have to be done in one session.  You can work as long as you want, even if it is just for half an hour.  You will be surprised how much you will be able to accomplish in that time.  If you have questions or wish to volunteer, please see Pastor Klein.

Quilt tying will be meeting every Tuesday at 2 p. during Oct. and Nov.  We invite anyone to join us,  you do not have to be a quilter we just need help tying knots.     Sewing at home is needed also, either piecing squares together for a quilt top or hemming the edges of the quilts.  If interested, call Mary at 645-7777.    Come and join us for Christian fellowship and fun as we serve the Lord by providing for those in need.    LWML Mission Service

LWML ladies will start a new Bible study, which will be taken from the Quarterly Magazine.  These Bible studies will held on the first Wed. of each month, beginning Wed. October 3 at 9:30 am in the church library.   All are welcome.

Pastor and Judy Boehme would like to thank all those who have given us comfort with words, hugs, cards, and memorials (going to his widow, Margaret).  Our son Mark was a wonderful son, brother, husband, father and we remember him with so much love.  God’s peace is what we treasure and we thank you for conveying that to us during this difficult time.

The Board of Education would like to invite everyone to our Fall Harvest Party.  It will held October 28 from 3-4:30.  Wear a costume if you want and come join us for lots of fun activities associated with Fall and the Harvest. Hope to see you there.

We would like to have all veterans, past and present, be in attendance at the worship service on November 11, Veterans’ Day, to be recognized for your service for our country.  Thank you, Ray Ozmun

We are greatly appreciative of the abundance of support we have recieved in the last few weeks. We safely evacuated from North Carolina two days prior to Hurricane Florence and stayed for a week in Gatlinburg, TN. This week we were able to travel back to MN for a short time. We are due to return home to Havelock, NC this week and assess any further damages caused by the storm. We are incredibly thankful for the generosity and support we have received during this time and simply ask for prayers.   -Ryan and Tiffany Schmidtke
We want to thank the congregation for the outpouring of donations and support for Tiffany and Ryan.  The money that was raised will be used for hotel and food expenses while they were evacuated in Tennessee.  We would appreciate your continued prayers as they return to North Carolina.   -Tony and Bobbi Schmidtke

Most of the stained glass windows in the sanctuary are in need of age-related repairs, including the large triangle window above the altar.  The voters accepted a repair estimate of $13,576 from Willet Hauser.  A deposit of $5,000 from the Scrip Fund was recently sent to the company, leaving a balance of $8,576 to be paid at different stages of the repairs.  The work will begin in early 2019, but could begin sooner if the company has another project in the area.  The family of Ferd Volkert has asked the council to designate the balance of his memorial fund money (approximately $5,900) for the project, minus the cost of making and installing memorial plaques for the new windows in the chapel.  Trinity members can still contribute to the Stained Glass Window Repair Fund.  Any funds designated as such and received before the repair work is finished will reduce the amount of Capital Funds needed for the balance due.  For additional information, please see the repair estimate posted on the hallway bulletin board or talk to Todd Criswell.   To date, Trinity members have donated a total of $2,495 towards the repair of the windows.  Thank you for your generosity for the preservation of our church history!

Here are the books and dates for Book Club for the next 3 months.
Oct. 1 - "Seven Blessings" by Ruchama King
Nov. 5 - "Midnight in Siberia" by David Greene
Dec. 3 - "The whole town is Talking" by Fanny Flagg.
We meet at 10 am at 888 Kildahl.  If you have any questions, talk to Lynn Webber or Becky DeMann.  Everyone is welcome!  

Trinity Lutheran Church, Morristown, invites you to their fall dinner and craft/bake sale on Sunday, October 14th.  Our worship service begins at 9:30 am if you would like to join us for that also.  The dinner will be served from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.  The menu includes turkey, ham, and all the fixings.  Cost of the meal is $12 for ages 13 and up, $5 for ages 6 -12.  Tickets can be purchased at the door.  Both the church and basement are handicap accessible.

Usher schedule

OCTOBER 7        Group I                  NOVEMBER 4                 Group D
OCTOBER 14      Group A                 NOVEMBER 11    Group E
OCTOBER 21       Group B                NOVEMBER 18    Group F
OCTOBER 28      Group C                NOVEMBER 21    Group G
                                                               NOVEMBER 25    Group H


Group A:                                                            Group F:
Leader – Milt Berg (507)645-4177                  Leader – Jonathan Ohmann (507)663-0120
       Dave Downhour (507)645-9732                          Allyson & Alyssa Ohmann
       Ray Larson (507)645-4298                        David Nybakke (612)729-6428
       Bob Quam (507)645-8265                        David Ohmann (507)645-7241
                                                                               Ken Volkert (507)663-1136

Group B:                                                           Group G:
Leader – Jim Frederick                                    Leader – Tony Schmidtke (507)663-0017
         Jeff Ciffra (507)645-8599                                                  Nathan Schmidtke
               Jeffrey Ciffra                                                                Dale Nelson (507)645-4120
         Jackie Ohmann (507)645-7241                                       John Pfeiffer (507)645-2648
         Tom Pumper                                                                     Noah Malecha (507)645-0316

Group C:                                                           Group H:
Leader – Larry Pralle (507)663-0192            Leader – Craig Schuster (507)333-5634
         Kraig Niebuhr (507)645-9392                                             Kathy Schuster
         Cliff Roberts (507)645-5588                                     Jim Grieser (651)463-8817
         Fred Vivant (952)985-5877                                      Dan Scheffler (507)291-0301
                                                                                                 Norm Webber (507)301-3794

Group D:                                                            Group I:
Leader – John Frederick (507)645-8314        Leader – Dan Wett (507)645-4686
       Kurt Anderson (507)581-1644                             Bryce Skaar (507)645-7872
       Kevin Bakken (507)645-6905                             Bruce Young (507)645-2285
       Brent Casmey (507)645-4760                             Rudy Maurer (507)380-8396
           Matthew and Robert Casmey

Group E:
Leader – John Greenfield (507)645-7705
       Todd Criswell (507)301-5187
       Jesse Hinz (507)663-0263
       Steve Norstad (612)859-1860



Trinity Communion Assistants:
Here is the schedule for Communion Assistants for October through December 2018.
Thank you for your willingness to help with this service.  As always, if you cannot help on a particular Sunday, please find a substitute.
If you have questions, please feel free to ask.
Thanks again,
John Greenfield
October 7    Pastor Boehme
October 14    Kurt Anderson
October 21    John Frederick
October 28    Tony Schmidtke
November 4    Deb Thomforde
November 11    Craig Schuster
November 18    Bryce Skaar
November 21 (Thanksgiving Eve)    John Pfeiffer
November 25    John Greenfield
December 2    Bobbi Schmidtke
December 9    Kurt Anderson
December 16    Tony Schmidtke
December 23    John Frederick
December 24 (Christmas Eve)    Pastor Boehme
December 30    Barbara Greenfield


Nov 12-Nov 18 Dan Wett-507-645-4686
Nov 19-Nov 25 Todd Criswell-507-301-5187(cell)
Nov 26-Dec 2 Tony Schmidke-507-645-0017
Dec 3-Dec 9 Dan Scheffler-507-291-0301
Dec 10-Dec16 David Nybakke-612- 203-5030(cell)
Dec17-Dec 23 John Frederick-612-203-4412(cell)
Dec 24-Dec 30 Todd Criswell-507-301-5187(cell)
Dec 31-Jan 6 Brent Casmey-507-581-1979
Jan 7-Jan 13 Jim Frederick 612-328-1819 (cell)
Jan 14-Jan20 Dan Wett-507-645-4686
Jan 21-Jan 27 Tony Schmidke-507-645-0017
Jan 28-Feb 3 Dan Scheffler-507-291-0301
Feb 4-Feb 10 David Nybakke-612- 203-5030(cell)
Feb 11-Feb 17 John Frederick-612-203-4412(cell)
Feb 18-Feb 24 Brent Casmey-507-581-1979
Feb 25-Mar 3 Jim Frederick 612-328-1819(cell)
Mar 4-Mar 10 Dan Wett-507-645-4686
Mar 11-Mar17 Todd Criswell-507-301-5187(cell)
Mar 18-Mar 24 Tony Schmidke-507-645-0017
Mar 25-Mar 31 Dan Scheffler-507-291-0301
Apr 1-Apr 7 David Nybakke-612- 203-5030(cell)
Apr 8-Apr 14 John Frederick-612-203-4412(cell)
Apr 15-Apr 21 Brent Casmey-507-581-1979
Apr 22-Apr 28 Jim Frederick 612-328-1819(cell)
ALTERNATE: Todd Criswell -507-301-5187(cell)
ATTN: The church has a snowblower in the storage area.
Contact Todd if you need help or if the snowblower needs maintenance.



October 7 - The Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
Genesis 2:18-25
Hebrews 2:1-18
Mark 10:2-16
October 14 - The Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost
Amos 5:6-7, 10-15
Hebrews 3:12-19
Mark 10:17-22
October 21 - The Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost
Ecclesiastes 5:10-20
Hebrews 4:1-16
Mark 10:23-31
October 28 (Reformation Sunday)
Revelation 14:6-7
Romans 3:19-28

John 8:31-36



October Volunteer Schedule


Pastor Boehme

14  Kurt Anderson

21  John Frederick

28  Tony Schmidtke


7  Group I:   Dan Wett, Bryce Skaar, Bruce Young, Rudy Maurer

14  Group A:   Milt Berg, Dave Downhour, Ray Larson, Bob Quam

21  Group B:  Jim Frederick, Jeff Ciffra, Jackie Ohmann, Tom Pumper

28  Group C:  Larry Pralle, Kraig Niebuhr, Cliff Roberts, Fred Vivant 


Darlene Finch, Becky Grieser, Brenda Niebuhr, Colleen Vivant


Lynn and Norm Webber, Dana and Todd Criswell



September 30 – Oct. 6  Dan Wett
October 7 - 13   Bruce Young
October 14 - 20   John Frederick
October 21 - 27   Todd Criswell



 Bible Study Opportunities

Available at Trinity

Sunday Morning—  10:30 am

Tuesday Evening—  Bible Study - 6:30 pm

LWML Bible Study - 1st Wednesday, 9:30 am AND
                       2nd Wednesday, 1:30 pm led by Pastor Klein

Wednesday Evening - Bible Study of upcoming Sunday Readings - 6:30 pm

Der Lutheraner2nd & 4th Saturday, 7:30 am,                     
                       Men’s Bible Study - The Proper Distinction of Law                 
                         and Gospel by C. F. W. Walther/Breakfast



Website:  www.trinitynorthfield.org
Rev. Brent Klein, Pastor:  pastor.klein@trinitynorthfield.org
Rev. Dr. Armand J. Boehme, Associate Pastor:  pastor.boehme@trinitynorthfield.org
Dana Criswell, Secretary to the Pastors:  secretary@trinitynorthfield.org
Barb Anderson, Treasurer:  treasurer@trinitynorthfield.org



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