We’ve all heard it said to people - maybe even to us. “What will we do without you - you can’t be replaced!” But that’s not really true. No one (except One) is irreplaceable.

Judas needed to be replaced because he betrayed Jesus and killed himself. Matthias replaced him so that the Apostles could again be 12. There needed to be 12 Apostles just as there were the 12 tribes of Israel in the Old Testament. This is why Matthias was chosen to serve.

Little is known about him aside from what is recorded in Acts 1:20-26. To be chosen Matthias had to be an individual who followed Jesus from the time of His baptism to the time of Christ’s resurrection. This replacement apostle needed to be an eyewitness of Christ’s resurrection.

It is possible that Matthias was one of the 70 disciples who Christ sent out to share the Gospel. (Luke 10:1) Church history records his martyrdom though it is unclear whether he was put to death by Gentile or Jewish opponents.

Matthias the Replacement Apostle reminds us that Jesus took our place under the law. He lived a perfect and sinless life under the law of God and gained for us the perfect righteousness we do not have because we are sinful by nature and commit sin daily.

Jesus is our replacement - He took our place in the dock. He suffered the sentence of death we deserved be-cause of our sin. He died our death on Calvary’s cross. He was our replacement as He suffered the tortures of hell we deserved because of our sins.

Thankfully He rose again triumphant over sin, death, and the power of the devil. Jesus replaces our sin with His perfect righteousness received in faith. That righteousness comes to us through the Means of Grace - God’s Word, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. We receive the benefits of Christ’s substitutionary work in faith. And though the world might not know much about us, our God and Savior knows who we are, has called us by name into His Kingdom so that we would share in His spiritual blessings eternally.

Jesus, our Replacement, is the only One who is irreplaceable for only He could bring about the salvation of the world. (Acts 4:11-12)


Rev. Dr. Armand J. Boehme



A Day To Be Remembered!

What has been the most IMPORTANT event in your life---a day to be remembered and treasured??? Most of us don’t even remember this day; the day we became a member of God’s Kingdom, THE DAY OF OUR BAPTISM!!

In an effort to help Trinity members reflect and “remember,” the Trinity Mission Board is honoring the baptismal birthdays of our members. On the last Sunday of each month, members, young and old, who were baptized during that month can sit together, enjoy a treat and, perhaps, share stories during the fellowship hour.

We do have the dates of baptism for most of our members; but, if we missed yours, please let us know so we don’t miss it again. Any questions and/or dates, please contact the church office: 645-4438.


Arise and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. Acts 2:16

Baptism doth also now save us. I Peter 3:


June Baptisms

Alexandra Armstrong             Renee Boevers            Holly Ciffra                  Rebecca Frederick

Erin Nybakke                           Allyson Ohmann         Alyssa Ohmann           Grace Ohmann

Spencer Revels                        Les Rud                        Bryce Vogt                   Laura Voight

Martha Voight                         Weston Volkert           Laura Watson              Marv Witt

Elaine Zobel


July Baptisms

Armand Boehme                     Dana Criswell              Linda DeMann             Linda Frederick

Jim Gorr                                  Elijah Malecha            Kristen Roberts           Nathan Vogt


After service on Sunday, June 25th and July 30th, there will be a reception in our Fellowship Hall to celebrate these Baptism Birthdays!

We hope to see you there!!





Coming soon…………

Have you ever wished you were more comfortable sharing your faith with another person, whether it be a fellow member, a Christian who worships at a different local church, or a person who you know in your day to day work a day world? Might you be hesitant in knowing if this is the right moment to interject faith into a conversation or knowing that this is the right moment but you’re really not sure what to say.

Beginning on Tuesday, 5/23, at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall we will be discovering how to remove some of these impediment to sharing our faith as Christ has called us to do (Matthew 28:16-20). We will be reading and discussing LCMS Pastor Greg Finke’s book “Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to be an Everyday Missionary”. It is a seven-week study to help prepare us to share the Good News. See Kurt Anderson to pick up your free copy of the book or to ask a question or two about this interesting in-formative study.


Vacation Bible School is scheduled for July 31-August 4 this summer. It will be an all day VBS with Camp Omega leading the programming. Preschool VBS will be held in the mornings only, not all day. The board of education is hosting a breakfast after church on Sunday, June 4th with proceeds to help offset the cost of having Camp Omega come ($1800). More information and registration to come!

Sunday School

Thank you to all our teachers from this last year of Sunday School! If you see one of them, tell them they did a great job teaching our children about our Savior.

Music: Terry Casmey

Elementary: Julie Nybakke and Karen Wagner

Middle and High School: John Pfeiffer, Holly Ciffra, Jackie Ohmann

Summer Trips at a Glance

In case you were wondering what’s all going on for trips this summer, here’s a little guide to summer travels at Trinity:

June 11-14: Rochester Servant Event

July 12-16: Creation Museum and Noah’s Ark

July 22-29 – LAMP team trip to Wunnimin Lake, Ontario, Canada to teach VBS

Preschool News

Little Lambs Preschool committee is currently focusing on recruiting students for the preschool. We are planning to have an open house fun day on Saturday, June 17th from 3-6 pm. There will be games, a bouncy house, a petting zoo, and much more. Spread the word to everyone you know and come check it out! It should be a good time for sure!

Book Club

Book club will meet through summer on the 1st Mondays of the month at 9:00 am at Kilhdal Park Point. Come for a lively discussion and fellowship! Talk to DCE Jackie or Becky DeMann to find out the book we are currently reading.

Church Softball

Church softball games have begun! Check the bulletin board for times and places of the games each week and we hope to see you there cheering on the team. The game schedule is also printed in this edition of the newsletter. Check out the pictures from the games on the website under “boards/groups”.

Trinity Giving Opportunities

Look for the new announcement on the main page of the Trinity website. There is a button to click that will link you to the giving opportunities available here at church. (Joyful Response, Heartfelt Giving, AmazonSmile, and scrip cards)

Mark Your Calendars - National Night Out Party Returns!

Because we had such a great time last year celebrating National Night Out with our church neighbors and each other, Trinity is going to host another party this year! You are invited and encouraged to attend the Second Annual National Night Out Party in the church parking lot on Tuesday, August 1st, from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.  There will be food, music, games and activities for all ages (including a bouncy house!), and great conversations. We will again invite the surrounding neighborhood and the Northfield Police and Fire Departments to join us for a fun evening. You are welcome to invite your family, friends, and neighbors, too! Look for more details in future weeklies and the August newsletter. See you all at the party!

1st Friday Game Night

Card games, board games, video games! We will have them all. Come at 7:00pm on June 2nd and July 7th for any type of game you want to play! Open to all ages. Snacks and beverages will be served.



In February of this year, six people from Trinity travelled to Phoenix, AZ, to attend the Best Practices for Ministry (BPM) Conference at Christ Church Lutheran. The trip was funded in full by a grant from the LCMS Minnesota South District. The three-day event included several keynote speakers and hundreds of breakout sessions covering a wide range of topics. In this report, the people who attended the conference have summarized the sessions they attended and the practices they recommend be implemented at Trinity. For more information about the conference and sessions, please talk to any attendee.

DCE Jackie Ohmann

This was my third year at this conference and I got as much out of it this time as I did the first two times! I went to sessions on discipleship, communication, social media, addiction in the church, and encouraging conflict. I also came away with many resources to use in various aspects of ministry.

Holly Ciffra

This was my first time attending the conference. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to attend and bring back useful information that I can share with the church. Three of the many wonderful classes I attended were focused on bringing awareness of the members within our congregation who are struggling with mental illness or addiction, and how we can better understand and serve with an open heart. I attended two classes on discipling faith and sharing the Gospel, one class on attracting people to our church website, one class on the congregation working together to provide parents of unbelievers both comfort and support through small support groups within the church, and an LWML class on how women can happily serve the Lord through different mission fields right here in our community.

Pastor Boehme

I attended sessions on the future of Licensed Lay Deacons because of my service at Kilkenny. Other sessions had to do with witnessing using scientific evidence tied with Scripture, a session on a prayer App for campus ministry, missional congregational organization, a session emphasizing personal outreach (Greg Finke’s book will be studied in the Tuesday night Bible class - all are invited), Christian witnessing to Muslims, Lutheran Hour Ministry tools for congregational use, and cross-cultural ministry.

Judy Boehme

I attended six workshops. Three were concerned with outreach to the "nones" (those who go to no church and perhaps believe nothing), skeptics (those whose faith is challenged at college), and "prodigals" (people who fell away from the faith and have left parents/grandparents grieving).  Another was about outreach to the LGBT community.  These all were excellent in showing how important it is to reach out to those we may not understand very well. An excellent quote was "do not clean the fish until you catch the fish" (need to do gentle outreach to others before demanding their compliance with all doctrinal issues). Two other presenta-tions had to do with legal issues and church finances. We at Trinity are blessed that both Pastor Klein and our treasurer, David Greenfield, have excellent insight into these issues in terms of church use by outsiders and IRS mandates and guidelines. Very tricky and important to follow changing government regulations!

Kurt Anderson

Eight of the nine sessions I attended were from five different pastors and one lay leader on areas of Discipleship and how a local congregation can spread the Word of the Gospel. Two of the presentations I attended were given by Pastor Greg Finke. His book, Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to be an Everyday Missionary, will be used in our upcoming Tuesday night Bible study time. I also went to one other presentation led by a seminary professor on spiritual warfare.

Barb Anderson

I attended two sessions about on-line giving, one session about planning large events (such as the National Night Out party), one session on church governance, and four sessions on evangelism to Jewish people. For online giving, I heard from other churches about how they manage the Joyful Response program and I learned about the Heartfelt Giving program, which has just been implemented at Trinity. I heard ideas for obtaining contact information from the neighbors who attend the National Night Out party, and learned that Trinity has the best governance model for its size. I also learned about a new mission project to Jews in Israel, supported in part by a $100,000 grant from the LWML.


Trinity Softball Schedule

Sunday, June 4

Trinity Blue vs. Trondjhem 7:10 pm Sechlar 1

Trinity Red vs. St. Dominic Johnnys 7:10 pm Babcock

(or Emmaus)

Sunday, June 11

UCC vs. Trinity Blue 7:10 pm Sechlar 2

Trinity Red vs. Canvas Church 6:00 pm Babcock

Sunday, June 18

Life 21 vs. Trinity Blue 6:00 pm Sechlar 2

UCC vs. Trinity Red 4:50 pm Sechlar 1

Sunday, June 25

Riverwood vs. Trinity Blue 4:50 pm Sechlar 1

Trinity Red vs. Trondjhem 6:00 pm Sechlar 2

Sunday, July 4 - No Softball Games

Sunday, July 9

Rejoice Prophets vs. Trinity Blue 7:10 pm Babcock

Rejoice Disciples vs. Trinity Red 7:10 pm Sechlar 1

Sunday, July 16

Trinity Blue vs. Rejoice Disciples 7:10 pm Sechlar 1

Riverwood vs. Trinity Red 7:10 pm Babcock

Sunday, July 23

St. Dominic White vs. Trinity Blue 4:50 pm Babcock

Trinity Red vs. Rejoice Prophets 6:00 pm Babcock

Sunday, July 30

Trinity Red vs. Trinity Blue 6:00 pm Sechlar 1

Sunday, August 6

Just For Fun Tournament, Time and place to be announced


New Elected Officials and Board Members at Trinity

Here is a list of who is representing you on each of the boards. If you have any questions or thoughts for any of the boards, feel free to talk to any of the members.

President - Kurt Anderson

Vice President - Bobbi Schmidtke

Treasurer - David Greenfield

Congregational Secretary - Doreen Ohmann

Financial Secretary - Judy Boehme

Board of Elders - Jim Frederick (chair), Tony Schmidtke, Martin Ohmann, John Greenfield

Board of Trustees - Jonathan Ohmann (chair), Jeff Ciffra, Ray Larson, Stephanie Scheffler, Fred Vivant

Board of Stewardship - Todd Criswell (chair), Barb Anderson, Ron Frauenshuh

Board of Education - Holly Ciffra (chair), Sheldon Volkert, Julie Nybakke, Tiffany Ingham

Board of Missions - Elda Ann Frauenshuh (chair), Lynn Webber, Mary Vogt, Linda Frederick, Barb Greenfield



Congratulations Seniors!

This year’s High School graduating seniors from Trinity are:

Allyson Ohmann

Parents: Jonathan and Doreen Ohmann

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 46:1-11

Who has been influential person for your faith: Grandmother Marcy, she always has the right Bible passage and is just so inspiring when it comes to faith.

Alyssa Ohmann

Parents: Jonathan and Doreen Ohmann

Plans after high school: Itasca Community College for Registered Nursing

Favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 40:30-31

Who has been influential person for your faith: My grandma Marcy because she is always teaching me about God.


 Elizabeth Criswell

Parents: Todd and Dana Criswell

Plans after high school: Dakota County Technical College, Major in Interior Design

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 3:6

Who has been influential person for your faith: My parents who always encouraged me to trust in my faith and raised me with the knowledge of Jesus.




 Ben Revels

Parents: Ron and Beth Revels








AJ Thibodeau

Parents: Liz Winter and Nick Thibodeau

Plans after high school: AJ joined the Army National Guard and will go through boot camp in August. After that he will find a college to attend.

Who has been an influential person for your faith: Grandma Mary, she always helped out with getting me to church.


This year’s college graduates

Emily Frederick—UW Stout, Human Development and Family Studies

Libby Klein—Concordia University, Nebraska,






Meeting Minutes - April 4, 2017


Present at the meeting: Pastor Klein, Mary Vogt, Darlene Finch, June Rado, Treasurer - Lynn Webber, and Chairperson - Elda Ann Frauenshuh.

The chairperson call the meeting to order.

Pastor Klein opened with prayer.

Elda Ann thanked Darlene Finch and June Rado for serving two full terms on the board and for serving specialty coffee for years.

The board authorized payments to the following Missions:

Wagners, Lutheran Bible Translators $500

Gail Ludvigson, Dominican Republic $200

1st Trinity Lutheran School, Minneapolis $300

LCMS New Shalom, St. Louis $250

Community Action (CAC), Northfield $250

Balance LAMP Fund $357.17

The meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

The meeting was adjourned.

Elda Ann Frauenshuh, chairperson




Meeting Minutes - May 2, 2017


Present at the meeting: Mary Vogt, Barb Greenfield, Linda Frederick, Lynn Webber - Treasurer, Elda Ann Frauenshuh - Chairperson, Kurt Anderson, and Pastor Klein.

The meeting was called to order at 9 am by the chairperson.

Pastor Klein opened the meeting with prayer.

Kurt Anderson gave some insightful areas for the Mission board to incorporate in its program and also re-quested we put information in the weekly and monthly newsletters about what we are doing as we proceed.

The Board welcomed our new members: Barb Greenfield and Linda Frederick.

The cost of shipping pill bottles to Ohio was discussed. Barb Greenfield suggested we check out Graphic Mailbox in Northfield.

We did not have the final report of donations to Missions from the Lenten services. It was decided to delay any distributions until the June meeting.

LAMP has asked for donations for this year’s trip. Linda Frederick believed it was in excess of $6,200. A motion was made to propose to the church council that disbursements from this fundraiser be made to the church council and that any disbursements be divided equally between LAMP, youth activities, and the church home fund. The motion was unanimously approved.

The next meeting date is June 6th at 9:00 am.

We invite anyone from the congregation who has questions or comments to contact the chairperson-Elda Ann Frauenshuh or any of the board members.

The meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Meeting adjourned.

Elda Ann Frauenshuh, chairperson






One of the best known and beloved psalms is Psalm 23, the Shepherd Psalm. In it we learn the Lord is our shepherd and we will not suffer want. Our shepherd will provide all we need for both body and soul, but we live as though this is not true.

We live as though the Lord is not our shepherd and we are not His sheep when we put anything else before Him and His provision for us. We do this when we fail to give generously from the first fruits of what the Lord has provided for us because we worry about what the future will bring. We do this when we favor earthly, temporal things over heavenly, eternal things. We do this when we stop hearing the call of our shepherd, which comes through His Word.


Our shepherd calls us to Himself through the Word of God and we are kept holy and nourished in the one true faith, the faith that follows our shepherd wherever He leads us. He promises to lead us to our true home, to a better place, not of this world, but a heavenly one. Jesus seeks and saves those who are lost. He finds the lost sheep and carries them back to the fold. He is the shepherd

who lays down His life for His sheep. The Lord is our shepherd. Let us live then as His sheep.



PLEASE NOTE: If these times do not work for you, please remember that it is your responsibility to find a re-placement or someone to switch with. (Other services are in bold, italics.)


JUNE Volunteer Schedule


WORSHIP ASSISTANTS_____________________USHERS______________________________

4 Barbara Greenfield                                 Group I: Dan Wett, Bryce Skaar, Bruce Young, Rudy Maurer

11 John Pfeiffer                                          Group A: Milt Berg, Dave Downhour, Ray Larson,

                                                                                       Bob Quam, Winfield Johnson

18 Tony Schmidtke                                    Group B: Jim Frederick, Jeff and Jeffrey Ciffra,

                                                                                       Jackie Ohmann, Tom Pumper, Sheldon Volkert

25 Pastor Boehme                                     Group C: Larry Pralle, Kraig Niebuhr, Cliff Roberts,

                                                                                       Karl Thomforde, Fred Vivant


ALTAR GUILD                                                   COUNTERS ______

Darlene Larson, Barb Greenfield                 John and Patty Pfeiffer

Marcia Huber, Mary Vogt                             Todd and Dana Criswell





May 29-June 4 Larry Pralle

June 5-11 Dan Wett

June 12-18 Karl Thomforde

June 19-25 Bruce Young

June 26-July 2 Todd Criswell



PLEASE NOTE: If these times do not work for you, please remember that it is your responsibility to find a re-placement or someone to switch with. (Other services are in bold, italics.)


JULY Volunteer Schedule


WORSHIP ASSISTANTS_________            USHERS______________________________

2 John Frederick                                       Group D: John Frederick, Kurt Anderson,

                                                                                      Kevin Bakken, Brent Casmey

9 Craig Schuster                                       Group E: John Greenfield, Todd Criswell, Jesse Hinz,

                                                                                    Steve Norstad

16 John Greenfield                                  Group F: Jonathan Ohmann, David Nybakke,

                                                                                    David Ohmann, Ken Volkert

23 Bobbi Schmidtke                                Group G: Tony Schmidtke, Dale Nelson,

                                                                                     John Pfeiffer, Noah Malecha

30 Kurt Anderson                                     Group H: Craig and Kathy Schuster, Jim Grieser,

                                                                                      Dan Scheffler, Norm Webber


ALTAR GUILD                                           COUNTERS__________________________

Mary Ozmun, Linda Frederick                           Emelda Rasmussen

Joan Pralle, Colleen Vivant                                 Dave and Nancy Downhour


NEWSLETTER ASSEMBLY July 26, 2017 8:00 AM_____________

Darlene Larson, Colleen Vivant, Nancy Downhour, Donna Knudtson, Gloria Berg



June 26-July 2 Todd Criswell

July 3-9 John Frederick

July 10-16 Bryce Skaar

July 17-23 Tony Schmidtke

July 24-30 Jonathan Ohmann

July 31-Aug 6 Larry Pralle


 Bible Study Opportunities

Available at Trinity

Sunday Morning— Tuesday Evening—6:30pm, “Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to be an Everyday Missionary”.

Bible Study—Wednesday Evening - 6:30 pm

Der Lutheraner—2nd & 4th Saturday, 7:30 am, Men’s Bible Study/Breakfast




June 2017 Readings

June 4 - Day of Pentecost

Numbers 11:24-30; Acts 2:1-21; John 7:37-39

June 11 - The Holy Trinity

Genesis 1:1-2:4a; Acts 2:14, 22-36; Matthew 28:16-20

June 18 - The Second Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 19:2-8; Romans 5:6-15; Matthew 9:35-10:20

June 25 - The Third Sunday after Pentecost

Jeremiah 20:7-13; Romans 6:12-23; Matthew 10:5a, 21-33



July 2017 Readings

July 2 - The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Jeremiah 28:5-9; Romans 7:1-13; Matthew 10:34-42

July 9 - The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Zechariah 9:9-12; Romans 7:14-25a; Matthew 11:25-30

July 16 - The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

Isaiah 55:10-13; Romans 8:12-17; Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23

July 23 - The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Isaiah 44:6-8; Romans 8:18-27; Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

July 30 - The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Deuteronomy 7:6-9; Romans 8:28-39; Matthew 13:44-52







  June 2017  
Upcoming Events


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