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Thursday, August 2

August 7, 2018, 1:37 PM

Thursday, August 2

We had a good teen/tween night on Tuesday. A few younger kids showed up, but the more the merrier!  We did perler beads, God's eyes, listened to music, and had some great conversations with the kids. We made popcorn (they love the jiffy pop!) and made our ice cream.  The girls discovered Kate's snapchat, and had fun taking lots of pictures with the filters.

Wednesday dawned with much better weather than the cold & rain of Tuesday.  Our story for the day was the Prodigal Son. The kids loved making pig masks and playing pin the nose on the pig.  We had a momma bear and her two cubs right at the church, and we will share that story at our presentation. (A little teaser for you)

Our neighbors at the teacherage invited us last night to a hip hop presentation for the youth. It was a last minute thing, so there weren't that many people there. We went, as did the teachers from the science camp. It was fun to talk to them & share fun stories about the kids.  We also had adults come up to us and introduce themselves.  The hip hop artist shared his background and gave an inspirational talk about staying sober and choosing the right path in life.

Today at VBS, we made kites and heard about how it's better to be sheep than goats. I Just Wanna Be a Sheep is becoming their favorite song. The kids enjoyed taking my camera and Kate's and my phones, while Bobbi played Lifeguard with the littles and Tiffany dominated at 4 square.

So, I wrote the above prior to our 2nd tween/teen night tonight.  It started off great, with Pastor Dennis from LAMP arriving to spend the night with us. We played with the kids outside at first, and then came in to do all our activities. One of the moms also joined us.  We were enjoying our homemade ice cream with all the toppings when Joey, our main contact, came in and said we had to wrap up early and get to the nurses' station immediately.  When we got there, we found out the mom of one of our kiddos had died.  The whole community was at the nurses' station to give the family support.  We were able to hug and pray with our girl, her cousin, and her guardian.  Tomorrow, we are going to stop at the nurses' station to see if there's anything we can do to help the family before we leave. We will still hold VBS tomorrow, but we are prepared to stop the lesson plans and talk with the kids if they need it.  

Please join us in lifting our friends here in Wunnumim in prayer.


August 2, 2018, 10:02 AM

Tuesday July 31, 2018

Well, it's been nothing but exciting around here.  After sending our first update on Sunday evening, we walked back to the church only to discover that a bear liked how our dinner smelled, and tried to break into the church. He broke a window, which was fixed quickly with plywood. We did sleep at the church, but we slept upstairs in the sanctuary on pews. At our community hog dog dinner, Chief Rod came just to check on us and to tell us that we would get different digs for the rest of the week. Sure enough, the head of the education department in town (she is also the grandmother of a couple of our kids) came with the key to the teacherage. We now have indoor plumbing!! It's a longer walk all the way across the community, but it's worth it to have a flushing toilet indoors (& a hot shower this morning!). As we were walking to the teacherage, a family stopped and gave us a ride. This is a theme for this trip. We really feel the community as a whole is watching out for us. Many times already this week, we've had people offer rides and other help for us. We have had some wonderful conversations with adults we haven't met previously. Tonight is our first teen/tween night of the week. We will make ice cream from scratch, make God's eyes, do perler beads, and possibly watch a movie. Thursday night, we will eat our ice cream with lots of toppings. VBS with the littles is going well. We have lower numbers because we are competing with a science camp also going on this week for the kids in our biggest age group (7-9).

Blessings from Wunnumin!

July 31, 2018, 12:23 PM

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Yesterday, the flight to Wunnumin was not too bad, but we were saddened to see evidence of forest fires and some still burning. Joey (our main contact in town) said they were all from lightning.  Joey picked us up at the airport, and helped us get all our heavy totes into the church. We settled into our routine of cleaning then unpacking and setting up for the week.  While we were cleaning, Bobbi came face-to-face with a bear just outside the church door. He was standing under the boardwalk to the church's front doors!  We walked around town with our large bag of suckers and collected kids as we walked. They seemed happy we were back in town.  Along the way, we came upon 2 bears in the woods, and one crossed the road right behind us. He left us alone, but we were thankful we were right by the Band office in case we had to make a run for it. The elders in town have said the bears are coming into town more often now, but each side leaves the other alone as much as possible. Regardless, we are using the buddy system, and no one goes out after dark.

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